Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

It’s very nice having 2x , 4x on cam plus, but it should be easy & extremely useful to also have 8x and 16x. What’s even more important is to have this feature on SD card playback! If you need funding for this, you could always have the feature limited to camplus subscribers! That would be a huge selling point for me, especially since the 2x4x feature on camplus is currently fairly, since camplus event clips are always so short and not 5 minutes like promised!

Would be extremely helpful. It seems it would be an important feature to get added… I just got the system a few days ago and tried multiple times to find a fast forward and finally stumbled on this article. Searching through playback is rough.

I voted for this too. I have two indoor Eufy cams and one Wyze 3 cam. My Eufy cams offer increased playback speeds for viewing continuous footage on my SD cards and it’s a very helpful timesaver. I’ve thought about purchasing another Wyze cam but various issues such as this cause me to be reluctant to do so.

This feature should be a no Brainer! I find it hard to understand why this option isn’t available. I see no response from Wyze. I’m not sure how much good comes from the Wyze App. I know many items forum members are able to assist in, but when they can’t Wyze should step in. Seems like Wyze doesn’t even monitor their own forum. While I’m reasonably happy with my camera I won’t be considering more services, like security, until they address this issue. I know some owners have come up with some convoluted work arounds. But I’m not interested in becoming a computer programmer, this should be available in the app.

They do monitor this forum and have actually replied a couple of times. “Looking into it as a future add” but nothing ever since. Personally i feel like they don’t care as its not generating new revenue. Sad for us long time user’s.

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