Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

We do read this! Unfortunately, we haven’t found a workaround for the filesystem issue that TokyoJim mentioned. We haven’t given up but the hardware limitations make this tricky.

Maybe start with something simple like FTP so we can at least download + review the footage on another device without having to pull the SD card? Like this: Direct access to SD card with download ability

Related to that would be possible “real” solution here too: let the user select a time period, and that whole section of footage gets cached on AWS or even just locally on the user’s phone for rapid review including FF/RW.

Or, add a “timelapse” option… save stills every 10s or so along with the full framerate video to the SD card and have FF/RW just seek through these stills.

Or, similar in concept but slicker… leverage a seeking mechanism that only plays back the “keyframes” in the video files (and configure your encoder to create I-frames every 10s or so). Would marginally increase the storage requirements for each minute of video, but should allow for very efficient seeking even on the camera itself.

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Exactly. Mark the area of motion. If you want to go there at least you can instead of having to sit on the whole playback waiting for the moment you are looking for crazy !

You can sort of do that as someone previously suggested. Use time lapse and you can download the whole video down to your phone. You do have to setup time lapse every day. Since the download code is already present, it would be useful to extend that to allow download any specified segment of video.

But the hardware is new in V3?!? Wyze team had the opportunity to address the hardware limitations in the new version. :cry:

Also the forum responses have had some good potential workarounds to the hardware limitations. What other tricky-ness is there?

Gwendolyn, respectfully you posted on Nov 2018 that you were looking into 10x FF and agreed it was important to the customers. Seriously it’s been three years! If you are being told this can’t be done because of hardware you are being lied to. Even so we all know it can be done via software. There has to be another reason. Go back to the coders and tell them to be honest with you at least!

This topic seems to be going back-and-forth eventually the company will figure out how to give us a way to review videos without searching every second
But he has a new topic I’d like to look into I don’t know how to create a new topic so here goes

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Haha don’t distract them! Let them finish this first! No new products until they fix this. Interesting idea though.

It would be very nice to add clearly legible red track marks TV video feed for each player where are the 12 second motion began to be registered into the cloud

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Lol, unfortunately very true…