Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

Actually they can be incredibly useful for going back and seeing what happened in the past, because, in my experience, humans can usually pick out important moving elements on a video at much greater distances than many consumer grade PIR or Pixel Based motion detection systems. ( Hollywood, NASA, CIA, NSA, etc, excluded of course :slightly_smiling_face: )

But, YES! :+1: , a camera that misses close-up motion is as useless as (insert preferred idiom here). :expressionless:

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I don’t find them very useful to go back in the past as the lame reply app only works in re time. If it had 2x 4x or 8x then one could scan a period of time much more quickly yo point point activity. But the crap motion detection and terrible reply app makes these this fun toys but not something one can rely on. They can sell people garbage once but will not be able to grow unless they think there are endless stupid people to prey on.

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Why isn’t this at least under researching? This is something the Wyze Cam should definitely have!!

Wow! Do you really think Wyze Cam ought to have fast forward and rewind?

How did you come up with such a great idea that none of the other hundreds of people in this thread could think of in the years we have been asking for this and Wyze has been working on it.

Yes something like that where the processing could be done on a more powerful hub. Not only would it be a backup but also it would allow for newer features to be added overtime in software, instead of needing to build everything into the cameras.

It’s really not when you get used to it. I use 128x sometimes on other systems.

Can you link to anything showing this is in the works?

My other brand system has the fast forward feature. It’s almost impossible to do a fast search on Wyze and find anything unless you have a lot of time.

When ever anyone purchases a wzye cam, they realize this missing feature and come here to post.
It is like you buy a car and then the spare wheels are not available with it.

I was really upset with missing fastforward/rewind after I got wyze. I did not reazlise this even though I spent hour reasearching IP cams

I have now over come all stages of grief and found an alternate solution.
I have 4 cameras and they are all hooked up Blueiris ip cam software. It runs 24x7 in one of my laptops and works flawless. The features of this software are amazing but it comes with a small cost. THere is a trial version for 15 days and I would recommend to try it out before you buy it.
There are other softwares out there but BI is one of the most recommend ones in IP camera world

This is not a solution for everyone, but I hope this is useful for atleast some.

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Do you use Blueiris with Wyze cams? Or did you choose a different camera as well?

I use BI exclusively with Wyze cam. I tried a few other apps… Some of them wont connect and some of them connects but the streaming and functionality are so limited compared to BI
BI has a poor UI but once you learn to navigate through a gazillion options, you are all good.

what version of Blue Iris are you using ? I have version 3 and 4 and neither have the WYZE cams in there setup of cameras?

How do you connect the Wyze cans to blue iris? Says it uses up cams. Would very much like to know. Thanks.


I got the instructions from here

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Yeah i dont have version 5 and dont have a entry in version 4 for that camera that is displayed. also whats the username & password to the wyze cam ? same as our login to wyze?

I think you need a special Wyze cam firmware version for this. This article talks about the firmware and password required.

This is cool I like that people are thinking out side the box to solve this. I will look into BI.

The Wyze doorbell looks great! But I was hit by the realization that it too won’t have good scrubbing/playback capability :worried:

I really hope they consider a processing box for the home to store and process the footage so we can scrub through quickly.

I realize I’m repeating myself. But this is the biggest pain point for Wyze cameras.

Right… it’s the only reason I won’t use it or expand my arsenal.

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I’ve figured out a (clever?) workaround for now. I’ve been trying to capture video of small critters at night but they’re either too small or it’s too dark (even with the night vision lights on) for the V2 cam to detect motion. I don’t want to watch over 8 hours of continuous video overnight just to catch them in the act. So I set up time lapse for 3 seconds. This creates a very fast video (8 minutes of time lapse = approx 8 hours of real time). I download this video into my computer since the viewer in the Wyze app is not easy to control (can’t easily pause/play or move back a few seconds). Then I can easily catch when the critters are moving around. An 8 hour time lapse video is about 500M to 1G on the microSD card. I use SMPlayer on my PC laptop which allows me to pause and move back/forward frame by frame so I can easily pinpoint when they are active. But this only records 1 frame per 3 seconds so I want more detail. I go into the Wyze app and bring up the playback feature and zoom in on the time period I want and then record a short video of the action. This is the only way I’ve found so far to reliably catch things that the motion detection won’t catch. The only drawback I’ve found is that there’s no way to make a rule to automate setting the time lapse to repeat the same 8 hour period each night, I have to manually set it every day (the time lapse does NOT remember the last settings you used). The rule scheduler doesn’t have any options for time lapse. I think this would be a really easy feature to add time lapse to the rule scheduler (are you listening Wyze?). I can reliably catch the critters using this technique but once in a while (about once every couple weeks or so), something goes wrong and I have to reset my router/iphone/wyze cam. I know of no other cameras that can do this (but I haven’t looked extensively either just checked some of Wyze’s competitors).
Also, sometimes I leave the room light on since the camera can see much further and in color with the lights on (large basement). I’m not sure but the resolution seems slighly better with the lights on. I usually don’t use room lights because the critters don’t seem to like them. The IR lights on the V2 cam seems to only go about 15 or 20 ft at most and detail out that far is quite poor (very dim and blocky looking, maybe from compression).
Hope this helps people here.

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