Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

When I bought my Micro SD cards, they came with and SD card adapter so you could see your Micro SD cards on your computer. It plugs into the regular SD slot.

And what’s wrong with a smart sprinkler? You should know this by now, Wyze is a smart home company not specifically cameras.

Nothing at all! A smart sprinkler sounds like a great product actually. :slightly_smiling_face:

Just every so often it occurs to me that assigning Wyze staff to create new products means that all of the Wishlist items are just that much less likely to happen any time soon.

I definitely understand any company’s need for continuous new income streams, and that “nine women cannot make a baby in one month”, but yesterday was an especially annoying day needing to save footage that happened between recorded events. Ended up back on the ladders fetching SDcards yet again, so the “FF/RW” and “SDcard access” nerves were a bit raw.

Wyze cams are a great value for what they were when I bought them, I just need to remember that Wishlist items are just that, wishes, and not promised fixes or upgrades.

But your sarcastic post insinuated that wyze is ignoring this wish, and others. If you’ve been around as long as I have (hell, I was the 1st response to this thread) you would know that wyze has added a lot of new features, many that were on the wish list. Just check out the road map and filter on launched.

Back to the subject, it has been stated numerous times in this thread that the issue they have is with their file management system. With 1400+ votes and almost 2 years of requests, I’m sure wyze would have added this feature long ago if possible.

No worries! I’ll step away from the sarcasm. Me being an educated donkey rarely helps a situation anyhow.

BLAH BLAH BLAH… When Pigs fly this will happen. Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to tell us it will never happen…Not with this software…Bully…

Haha, it’s a shame people can’t be satisfied. I want this feature as much as everyone else but if there’s technical reasons that doesn’t allow for it to be added, so be it. I’m not going to cry over it. It’s called a wish list for a reason.

It isn’t clear how a Smart Sprinkler thread ties into this Fast Forward/Rewind topic…

In any event, I have the Hunter Wi-Fi Smart Irrigation controller, which sets a rather high bar. Iy will be interesting to see if Wyze can compete with it.

Wyze are we ever going to get this feature? It has over 1000 votes and it’s “maybe later”

It doesn’t. I made a passing crack about it in a post that I have since deleted. :wink:

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We’ve tried for this before and ran into tech issues with developing it. We haven’t fully given up (which is why this one isn’t under the probably-not label) but it is more tricky than we initially expected and deprioritized work on it for features that we could produce.


Thank you for the info! I hope to see this in the future

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I would also like to throw in my vote for smooth playback and an easy way to scrub through recordings to find events. Look at google nest cam software as an example. (About 16 min in) it plays back buttery smooth.

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On top of this I would like to add my appreciation that for myself anyways hopefully others I’ve seen improvements to how fast my cameras connect and how fast clips playback. So thank you team!!! I notice and appreciate all the smaller and sometimes unsung improvements!

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Definitely yes, we need this feature

The playback really need fast forward or scrub modes! Grayed areas that have motion would be very helpful too. Love the cams!


Please add at least 2x speed.

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This is sorely needed and simple to implement. The finger drag function is impossible to use. EVERY DECENT VIDEO PLAYER ON THE PLANET has this feature. Why is it almost two year since the request was added to the wish list and still no sign of it getting it on to the dev roadmap?

Can we just close this thread… Its never going to happen at least not with the cameras we have…OLD news…

No way I think it’s good to keep reminding that we need this feature.