Fast Forward/Rewind In Playback

Agree. Based on my years using my hard-wired video systems variable playback speeds are needed if not required. At 10x you will miss too much. Think about it, that covers one minutes every 6 seconds. You’ll have 6 seconds between frames. A lot can happen in 6 seconds that you won’t see. It takes less than 6 seconds for a car to drive by my house. Less than 6 seconds for someone to run through the yard. With only 10x speed you’ll drive yourself crazy trying to find an event.

I would suggest 1.5x, 2x, 4x, 6x, & 8x anything faster is not really usable.


I agree, I catch myself skipping Events due the current way.


If I could just download a days worth of video, I could fast forward in most media players, cut and copy what I needed, archive it, etc.


In my Neighborhood Watch we have Nest cameras and Ring doorbells. When we have crimes or issues in our Watch program, I’ve been amazed at how the Nest and Ring cameras failed to capture what was needed.


It’s shocking!

This is definitely needed! I suggest 2x, 4x, 8x, 16x, and 32x. Also, add a “rewind” option.


I also find it hard to scroll through the playback to a specific second in time because the timeline scroller is so sensitive. A little jerk will move you off several seconds! So adding a rewind and fast forward button is definitely desired! I have a Nest Hello doorbell, and when you are scrolling through the timeline in their app, the video also updates/refreshes while you scroll so it’s easier to find the clip you want.

If you “pinch-out” on the playback timeline, it expands it so you can pick a particular second much easier.


I’ll just repeat this.

I’m told I can pull the microSD and do this, but it’s ridiculous to sneaker-net files off a WiFi connected device.


Let’s have at least 2 playback speeds. Maybe 4X and 10X.


Here’s the #roadmap topic on this:

@OverWatch… I see you already voted for it, but perhaps this will help others remember to jump over there and vote for it too. (You must click the VOTE button at the top for your vote to count.)


Oh I didn’t know that! That’s a special feature that’s not common and easily discovered


I think it pops up the first time you launch the app. Also mentioned here:


When? It’s becoming a hassle. Why not launch an external player for the time being. This is my biggest problem with Wyze.


This is a handy feature I just learned today. In addition, it would be great to have a little more control of the timeline. A “jump forward 10 seconds” and “jump back 10 seconds” like on the Netflix app would do it.


Hi Guys, bear with me as this is my first post here. I have started using wyze cam recently and liked it a lot. While using it, I saw a need of a feature for which you have all pointers.

Issue: Currently, if there is an event triggered which is a false one, but another positive happens within a span of a min, it is not recorded in events but can be seen in the SD card with setting of “record events”. But the problem is we wont know if something happened after that false event triggered, OR we need to see the whole day recording.
To overcome this, is there a way we can get a short 3-5 min video of the whole day which is just a summary of all recorded events from SD card, but is shown on a faster scale so that we can watch it faster and if needed to investigate more, we can see the time which is of some interest and can go and check that in detail in SD card. If it is not available currently, it could be added as a feature in next releases. The same can somewhat be achieved by time lapse but that always records everything no matter if any motion or not.


I would love better playback features on the app that allows precise time selection when viewing video playback. It is very difficult to choose a precise time to start viewing video playback using the current scroll bar. It would be nice to be able to input a precise time (as accurate as 1 second) to start playback.

Also, it would be very nice to playback video at a faster speed (2x, 4x, 8x speed playback, etc.). This would make it much easier to review footage without actually having to watch every painful second of video.




When you get the timeline to the approximate time, put two fingers on the timeline and spread them apart (pinch out gesture). The timeline will zoom in, giving you much finer control of positioning.

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Fun fact: When selecting a time in Playback for a V2 in app v.2.0.21, the little popup black mm:dd:yy, hh:mm:ss AM/PM window is in 12 hour when viewed in portrait, but 24 hour when landscape (full screen) mm:dd hh:mm:ss.


Thanks, OverWatch! I made a bug report for this. :slight_smile: