Fast Forward In Playback



We are discussing adding 10x speed in the future but it may be a different speed. Watching in real time can be a major pain point especially if you’re looking for something specific in continuous footage. This will make it easier to find footage that we care about (especially if we don’t have markers for events yet).



Feature Request: Playback speeed
A Better Viewing options for SD footage is needed...
Add motion timestamps or colormarkers to video timeline so we know where it is

awesome! This is one feature I’ve been wanting since the beginning :slight_smile:


Happy to hear it! :smiley:


PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE move “Video Playback Speed Control” up the cue on your Roadmap. It seems such a core need and simple to implement. Without it searching for a specific event is intolerable if not impossible. And isn’t that why we use Wyze? Truly great product otherwise!!


Direct entry of a date/time to go to would be helpful

Fast Forward In Playback
Set the cameras timezone and end time update prompts

A configurable speed option would be best (like 1.5x to 10 or something).


PLEASE add this… its such a pain to look for things happening or watch 8 hours of footage…

Please allow for a variable speed or at least 1.5x, 3x, 6x, 10x.


Right now, searching through playback is horrible. Tagging events would be nice as well within the playback so you can skip to next motion.


If you set the card recording to Event Only, then the left/right buttons can be used to move to the previous/next motion event. Most people find the event only mode most useful because (1) lot’s more time is covered by the card, and (2) not much of interest is worth recording when there’s no motion.

That said, there is another #roadmap post that you can VOTE for to mark events for playback:


I agree to have a variable speed playback option as well…10x playback might be too fast sometimes


Please consider a Fast Rewind feature as well. I too use a couple of WyzeCams to watch my dog at home and it is painful to review his activities unless you stumble onto the exact second when it occurs. Motion alerts are useless since we know he’ll be moving around quite often.