Fast access to event list filtered by camera

I love Wyze Cam and the team behind it!

However, the new app has taken a backward step with filtering. It now requires more steps than before to see events from a specific camera.

I suggest adding an Events button on the screen when viewing a camera live? That is, view the camera for which you want to see events, then click the events button - two clicks.

Even better, put an events button on each camera listed on the home screen - one click to see events for that camera.


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I was thinking this sounded familiar.

Also, @Loki I don’t care if this has its own #roadmap. It may be buried in the other #roadmap and obviously, I think it’s a good idea. :grin:

Just a suggestion, it would be very nice to have enhanced filtering on the event notifications. Right now we can filter to events from a date and specific camera, would be very helpful to filter down to sound or motion detection and even a specific time frame to help narrow what I want to focus on. Thank you.

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Similar to the View Playback button that is already there, it would be nice to switch to the events view for that camera.

Or maybe even display the list right there in the lower portion of the live stream window. After all, it is currently half empty/white anyway when you view it in portrait mode.

FYI, the reason the bottom half of the live stream view is empty is that it’s used for the pan controller for the Pan Cam.

I wonder if the title of this ticket can be more specific. I actually tried to find if this issue was already filed but ended up opening a duplicate ticket instead. This is an improvement to the “live stream” window in my opinion. “Event filtering” makes me think of the Event section of the app which is not exactly what this is targeting.

My duplicate ticket was called: “Shortcut to camera events from live stream view”. Would it make more sense to have a title like that? at least to me it does. What you guys think? @Loki

I agree and modified the title. Do you like it now?

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Yep. Thanks!

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It is just a button, it should be trivial to add this functionality to the app … surely everyone would benefit for an “EVENTS” button when viewing a LIVE camera (or even reviewing recorded footage, as one may want to correlate an event with an expanded view of the video timeline. Which in turn, would be nice to mark up in timeline, each event.

It be great to have event viewing within the selected camera instead of only being to access it on the main overview of all cameras. image


Improve navigation by putting button to view events on live stream page same you have view playback. Waste of time to have to go back and forth simply to view events. Also make settings more accessible. Maybe a sticky menu would be an improvement.

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