False notifications


I am getting a lot of false notifications. The camera is setup in my RV and pointing down to the floor to detect mice. It appears that the IR is causing the pattern on the floor to move and trigger a notification. It is annoying. I have turned the sensitivity down to zero and created small zones but it continues so

I have shut down the PIR so it doesn’t consume all of my data.


You may have better luck if you can change the angle of the camera relative to the floor.


Can you show us a screenshot with the lights off?


Here a screenshot before notification


Here are two during notification



I am thinking about doing that but it is an hour drive to get there so it will be a while before I try. Sorry about the critter in the image.



I would place a mat there, not sure a better angle would alleviate the problem, so, just get a el-cheapo mat.

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I ended up getting a new camera and placed it in the same location. It is not giving false notifications. I placed the other one on the floor and it hasn’t given any false notifications. It must have have been infrared ghosting than the new one. I am planning on sticking another one under the RV to see where the mice are entering. The magnet will stick easily to the metal frame of the RV.

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