Fall Detection

It would be fantastic to implement AI to detect a fall.

Having elderly parents or grandparents is very difficult and especially when they live alone.
Or no nursing staff for an extended period of time.

Trying to get them to wear a panic button, or gyrosensor is also hard as they forget to wear them or simply refuse to.

With a camera that has the AI ability - nothing needs to be worn and those looking after them can be alerted to a fall.

Not 30 minutes ago I tripped off my front step when my heel dropped into an animal dugout next to the step. I tucked and rolled and managed to not seriously injure myself, but I am on disability for, among other things, back problems. Fall detection for alert purposes would immediately contact my wife, and capture the video for insurance purposes. Falls are taken seriously by medical professionals, since both what caused the fall and the injuries sustained during the fall are equally important, especially if it was instigated by a medical malady (unlike me tripping).