Failed to upload event!

@WyzeKyle This happened once again

I submitted a log so hopefully this will get fixed!!

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Thanks very much for the update with the screenshots and log numbers! I shared this with the team so we can investigate why it’s persisting. :slight_smile:

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Thank you!

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Also get these frequently a lot. Just hope it doesn’t happen when something serious happens

Thanks for letting us know about this. Can you submit logs for the devs to look into and confirm the app and firmware version numbers you’re running when that error pops up?

I am also having the Wi-Fi problem and I have a strong signal. It is only doing it on the latest Wyze camera that arrived 4 days ago

Next time that happens can you send a log in so they can look further into it

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Where is the log file located?

Sorry Jason, I found it and sent it in


I’m having this same issue. I uploaded logs under Ticket ID: 37018

This issue is happening to me as well I have also submitted logs the ticket ID is 40440 please help

I’m also experiencing this issue with Wyze Cam v2 on beta firmware and Pan Cam on beta firmware with beta app v2.13.119 installed. Logs submitted to ticket ID 41159. Maybe 1 in 20 of my events notifications show the “The video clip doesn’t exist in the cloud or is still being uploaded” error. Coming back later doesn’t solve it. This seemed to start when I began the most recent firmware testing of my devices but that may just be a coincidence.

Yay!!! No more issues thank you guys!!

Having the same issue.
Log code is 43888

Soooo this morning, UPS ran over my lawn bags but the stupid Wyze cam didn’t capture the footage. The app says the footage is 25 seconds, but the clip itself returns a “Failed to upload event! Please check your WiFi connection!” with 0:00 of footage. Here’s the doozy: I tried the “Submit a Log” function exactly like what folks have done, and it just returns an “Upload failure” message.

I’ve used Wyze with the Complete Motion Capture service for a long time, across multiple cameras (both the small one and the Pan one), and previously didn’t have any issues until the latest firmware shortly before CamPlus was rolled out.

It wasn’t until roughly this spring/summer that I began getting intermittent “Failed to upload event! Please check your WiFi connection!” error messages despite having a super strong WiFi signal. Oftentimes, a nearby Wyze camera will simultaneously record footage (from a different angle). I’m a tech enthusiast and gamer, and have no WiFi issues in general. I have a small house, high end router, and don’t live in a neighborhood with congested signals.

For what it’s worth, I don’t use an SD card due to the overheating and burning issues cited in a different post.

Do you guys have any advice on what to do? This thread has me tempted to cancel my subscription and sell my Wyze cams in favor of another brand and service with greater reliability. Thanks in advance!

I’m getting these, too, but I don’t get a thumbnail at all in the event list. So I know before I click it it didn’t work. Thankfully, I have continuous recording to SD enabled so I can usually view the footage that way (except on the outdoor camera since you can’t continuously record…).


I was getting the “Failed to Upload” but they were all on Motion events, didn’t get even one person detect. Just figured my internet connection was too busy doing a big file transfer for the last week.
My free trial is over in a day. I’ll wait until everyone says how great it is working next year. . .

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As of this writing, I’m regretting buying 3 other Wyze cams (in addition to the 2 I already owned) and adding to my monthly subscription. Did so back in the summer thinking these global issues would get resolved. No such luck.

Someone in a different post said the issue may be with the cloud provider, and that the provider may have changed as part of the new CamPlus service. If true, that would explain why many of us started having issues since springtime.


Wyze uses Amazon Web Services ( AWS ) - Cloud Computing Services