Extension for Wyze socket and Wyze V3, is this the right part?

Is this the right part to use as an extension between the Wyze socket and Wyze V3?

No. The cable in that mounting kit is a power-only cable. You need a standard microSD data cable.

A longer data cable is one of the Lamp Socket enhancements listed in the Lamp Socket Enhancements wishlist topic. Some here are running this example, but some Amazon reviewers claim poor performance when connected to a v3:

I’ve been running these data cables with no problems:


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I am still using the cord show in my prior post the mod linked. To date, the only issue I’ve had is updating the Lamp Socket using that cord. There is an easy workaround though - simply take the Lamp Socket inside and update it using a spare camera (or one you can easily access) and the original short cord. Took all of 3 minutes to update and I’ve only had to do it once. Otherwise, the linked cable is still functioning as desired.