Extending robot vacuum map

When I first ran the vacuum, an incomplete map was generated. I then had the vacuum clean a ‘room’ adjacent to the area it had not mapped. As it cleaned the room it ‘found’ the previously missed area (about 300 s.f.) and added it to the map. But it did not name this newly found area nor will it let me select that area.

More generally, I worry that I won’t be able to map the entire house: In its initial run, when the vacuum came to an L-shaped hallway (at the top of the L), it apparently decided that the short arm of the L did not exist: so, it’s never going to find its way to our bedrooms.

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I have a similar issue. One room was not mapped in the initial mapping (because it was not accessible at that time).
Now I want to add that “new” room without losing the detailed mapping that was already done (including splitting rooms, adding red blocks, etc) or the programming that I have already done.
I can’t figure how to do that short of rebuilding the entire map. Am I missing something?

Doing a quick mapping again is the only solution. Leave all doors open.

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Looks like remapping is the onlhy way to do it, but I don’t agree with ‘edhchoe’ that there is a ‘quick’ mapping available.
I finally erased the old map and then followed the beast around as it was remapping. When it looked like it was going to turn around before completing a section, I blocked its way.