Extended Length Strap for Wyze Band

Sadly, not all of us can wear a normal length wristband or watchband. I would love to buy a couple of Wyze Bands, but the straps are too short. An extra inch or inch and a half would be enough to cover most people. You wouldn’t even need to create a separate set of Bands, just sell the longer straps as a replacement part.

Maybe I have a bigger wrist than I realize but I’m at the second-to-last hole on the strap that ships with the watch, and the included strap with buckle seems to be the same length. I would have expected at least a few extra holes of slack in the standard size band. At the moment it isn’t a problem for me but I could see it not fitting some people at all. Maybe when there are different length bands people could choose at time of order which they will need?

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Wondering if you might create a larger band for the Wyze Band. The current band barely fits my wrist and is on its last hole and i am not sure the band will hold up to the wear and tear of everyday use with it being on the last hole.

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Agreed. The only reason I haven’t bought any of these is I need a bigger wrist strap option or upgrade even.