Extend duration of livestream via Alexa to more than 10 minutes

YMMV, lots of folks keep a camera live 24/7 on a wall mounted tablet. But I don’t honestly think that’s a good idea myself.

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Not sure why people don’t see that this is much more of an echo issue than a Wyze issue. The same thing happens with other camera brands and the camera is completely stable with the native app or tinycam. Please understand the technology before trying to throw someone or something under a bus for failing to function the way you dreamed it would vs advertising.

Well I’m no throwing anyone under the bus and I do understand the technology. I believe it is both amazon and Wyze fault honestly. One of the main photos for the Wyze camera is an infant in a crib. And the descriptions simply states that it works with echo and you can see & talk to your kid from anywhere at anytime. Nowhere does it state that you can ONLY see them for 10 minutes at a time. It’s is very misleading and should state somewhere that it will time out. Especially given they are advertising it as a way to keep an eye on your kid. Who only wants to see their kid for 10 minutes at a time.


And yes it is continually buffering even during the 10 minutes I can see it on the echo. Super disappointed honestly. I’ve had several different cameras and what drew me to this one was how it implied it would work with an echo and they Used a photo of a kid in a crib & then you can “monitor” your kid from anywhere at any time. And was compatible with an echo. And considering my music via Spotify or videos don’t “time out” how exactly should one know that it will time out for a video monitoring camera? Especially considering it does not say it will time out anywhere

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I say it is not standard. I have Arlo and Ring and the nonbattery cameras no do not have a streaming time limit.

Yea for you, my Arlo and Ring cameras do on my Echo Show. They do not on their own app. If yours stream longer than 10 minutes or so on Amazon Echo Shows then count yourself lucky you have been blessed by the IoT gods.

I use a couple Fire Tablets. I’ve unlocked developer mode and select “screen always on” this enables long term streaming. Most of the time throughout the whole night.

That’s exactly what I did but I still can’t keep the stream up reliably. Yes, it has made it overnight a small handful of times, but it can’t be counted on for me.

Would like to see live stream extended from 10 minutes to at least 30 minutes on Alexa devices.

Today I was trying to diagnose my own issue and began a continuous ping from a PC to the local address of a camera. That seems to have stabilized the feed from that camera to my Fire tablet, at least since this morning…

RING does not have a limitation, why WYZE?

Because Ring, Alexa, and Echo are all Amazon products.

Wyze has a change in the works (WebRTC) to address this though.

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Would love to see unlimited streaming on the echo show. We use it as a baby monitor with old phones running the wyze app, but are trying to class up the joint and move away from keeping old phones with old vulnerable Android OSs laying around.

We have a total of 5 v3’s now and two pans along with a door bell. Please let us watch whatever we want for as long as we want. All cameras have cam plus as well, so fine with me if you make that a requirement.

There needs to be a new thread: Maybe someday, but probably not. We can put this one right under the Amazon App store one.

For the Wyze Cam v2 and Wyze Cam Pan (and the doorbell cam, if I am recalling correctly), this should be available to you now. Just make certain your camera firmware is up to date, so that it has the new WebRTC implementation.

As a bonus, it also streams better (no frequent buffering as I experienced before on my Echo Shows).

It has yet to be implemented for the v3 yet.

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I just tried twice on a v2 (black version) with the latest fw ( and wasn’t able to get the stream to last more than 10 minutes on my Show 5.

I did have a lot of buffering, which I blame on my wifi rather than Wyze, so that may be part of the issue I have. (One of the streams dumped out back to the Show ‘home’ in about 5 minutes.)

Hope to get to try more tomorrow. (Will try moving the camera to a better spot for its wifi signal in an attempt to reduce the buffering.)

That is the same firmware version I have on my v2’s, so you should be good on that front. You may also want to check that your Show 5 is on Fire OS (NS6545/3004) or later.

My closest camera is around only 20 feet from my router, but is mounted under a big metal box (a window heat pump) in an aluminum frame window on a home with aluminum siding. The other one is inside a window in my bathroom, probably around 35 feet away, but has a couple of big metal boxes (my refrigerator and an upright freezer) between the router and it.

Before the WebRTC support, I got buffering on both.

Buffering is much better, but I’ve tried 5-10 times, but still times out in about 10 minutes for me. :frowning:

I have had a live stream on a v2 cam going on my TV via fire TV for 25 minutes and just watched it switch over to night mode, this will be nice once implemented on the V3 cams

I tested it again last night while I was doing other things. I checked on it around the 40 minute mark and it was still going, but at around 50 minutes, I found it had returned to the home screen.

I expect at this point what is causing the video feed to stop is any interruption of the WiFi connection, but I don’t have an easy way to verify that.

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