Extend duration of livestream via Alexa to more than 10 minutes

It’s definitely Alexa. All camera vendors except Amazon are subject to the limit. I have Ring, Arlo, Blink, Nest, Amazon and soon Eufy cams in addition to Wyze. Blink has been acquired by Amazon so I would expect the limit to go away soon for them.

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found it


Thanks for sharing. Seems like there is some hope for longer streaming. I know that you can stream seemingly indefinitely via iPhone app. I wonder what the difference is there and why that would be cheaper.

I may just return the echo show and buy a cheap fire tablet and side load the wyze app onto it.

FWIW, I also have ring cameras and those also time out after 10 minute on the echo show 5.

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Mea Culpa! It’s obviously a similar thought process at Ring and Arlo etc but it makes sense.

EDIT: Just tried my Ring Doorbell again. At 21 minutes with no drop out yet!

You folks with a fire tablet dont have to sideload the play store then in turn download wyze. Pay the 3.95 for tinycam pro or better yet get tinycam monitor for free and add all your cams. It an easy solution and you can view all your cams at once indefinitely. It’s an amazing app

@rbruceporter - Looks like you’ve somehow unlocked the secret to unlimited streaming! I’m jealous. Give us the secret! My doorbell cam, stick up cams (wired) and flood light cams all timed out after 10 minutes.

@jaboj73 - Good call. I will look into Tiny Cam.

I truly think it’s a fluke not a secret. I even have had Wyze cams stream uninterrupted for hours. But it’s not consistent. I wish it was. My Amazon Cloud Cam is the only one that I know is repeatable. I got that for the Amazon Key program.

It would be nice but if it’s using constrained resources on the manufacturers systems I can understand it. Now if you are using something like RTSP there should be no limit other than if you exceed your ISP’s data cap (if you have one).

I personally gave up using my Echo Show to stream the Wyze cam. The timeout was becoming too unbearable. Lucky for my I have a couple of spare iPads lying around which can stream 24/7 using the Wyze app. I’ve also tested the TinyCam on an Android device and streams just fine also but I prefer to just use the Wyze app on iPad. Still wish it would work fine on the Show for when babysitters are over.

That’s the approach I take too, I use my iPad usually. The only time I use the Show is to put the doorbell cam on it when I am expecting a delivery. Or even when I know a friend or family member is coming over. The Show is conveniently located for that.

Usually that’s within 10 minutes of when I put it up. But we went shopping once last week and I had left a Wyze cam up on it. It was still streaming when we got home a little over an hour later.

Personally I’d prefer a proper Firestick compatible version of the real Wyze app, either on Amazon store, Play Store, or merely sideloadable. Then the Alexa skill could just launch that. No Amazon dependency or throttling.

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That would be fantastic

Welp remember how I said I was getting much longer streaming than 10 minutes? Yeah, well now it’s gone. Back to 10 minutes. So yep it was a fluke. Ah well fun while it lasted!

I have noticed I can get more than 10 minutes if the stream ends up “Buffering” in the middle. I think each time it “Buffers” the timer resets. I’ve had it go for 30-40min like this. Obviously not the best customer experience since buffering sometimes takes over 10-15 seconds, but I guess I’ll take it if it keeps the camera up…

Honestly – better/full Alexa/EchoShow integration would be a feature worth paying a monthly fee for. If I could get (1) unlimited stream duration, (2) two-way audio capability, (3) cycle through cameras, and (4) show motion/sensor activated camera on Echo show screen – I would pay a monthly fee.

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So I purchased this to be a baby monitor through Alexa…for multiple reasons. One being that I can use it from my phone if I need to be portable or bring it up on my Amazon shoe no matter what room of the house I’m in. However, it shuts off after 10 minutes. So for me it would be a great option to be able to ask for a length of time to monitor or just ask for a continuous stream.

I bought the cam to be a baby monitor. Useless to me that it goes out every 10 minutes. This lack of feature made my wife say “well this thing is junk” and now makes us skeptical to buy any other product.

Not researching the capabilities and specs of something you are buying does not make it the devices fault.

If you want a baby monitor there are many good ones to choose from. Wyze is not one of them.

If you are just looking in on a child then it will work just fine but if you are counting on it notifying you and capturing events then you need a real baby monitor.

Pampers makes a good one called Lumi.


This is a wish list. So I added what I wish for. It advertises Alexa integration but doesn’t mention the 10 minute streaming limit anywhere need the front of the information. These days you trust all products have standard features. So you don’t have to dig through all documentation for a “gotcha” Like this is.

The streaming limitation is a standard feature. I have Wyze, Argo, Eufy and REO cameras among others and ALL of them have the 10 minute limit. A few don’t, but those are owned by Amazon so no surprise there.

And yes this is a wishlist but you mentioned

Which is why I replied as I did.


I too bought it to monitor our kiddo overnight. Nowhere did it say that it would time out whole steaming to my echo show! Kinda frustrated now. There needs to be a way to have the capability to continuously stream to a device.

For many / most of us it won’t even provide a continuous stream in the native app.