Extend duration of livestream via Alexa to more than 10 minutes

What is Beta Testing ?
Second level, external pilot-test of a product (usually a software) before commercial quantity production.
At the beta test stage, the product has already passed through the first-level, internal pilot-test (alpha test) and glaring defects have been removed.
But (since the product may still have some minor problems that require user participation) it is released to selected customers for testing under normal, everyday conditions of use to spot the remaining flaws.

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Alexa, as I originally said, will display Tinycam via (voice) command, same as say “cam 4” or whatever. But more importantly, displaying an IP cam on a Firestick via Echo is not a Wyze thing, or issue.

I get what you are saying and what the other person is saying. The issue here is that no Amazon device is called an “Alexa” but it’s being used as though it is. The original issue that start this all is referring to Echo Show and Echo Spot devices that are video devices. Those “Alexa” devices cannot load other apps such as a FireTV stick can. Thus why TinyCam has no bearing on the conversation because TinyCam isn’t useable on Echo Show and Echo Spot devices. Hope this helps clear up the confusion on the issue.

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Amazingly enough, and perhaps because I’ve managed to heat soak my regular (non 4k) firestick (which is what we’re actually talking about here) has/had run the Pan Cam (displayed without tinycam) for over an hour. And I swear to God, it just stopped as I was typing “has” there. And it’s not a cold day here today (45F), so… But even at the hour plus, it buffered several times and was at least 8-10 seconds behind. Tiny cam may crash out from time to time when displaying 4 or more cams, but it’s almost live and will keep a single cam up even if you switch inputs or turn the TV off (I think on the tv off part).

I have had spotty luck using Tinycam on a fire stick. At least half the time it would fail when I called it up. I could only leave it running for a very short time < 1 hour without the fire stick overheating. (Is that why it’s called a Fire Stick?). And for folks like my neighbor that has cable TV and an Echo Show and no computer or tablet Tinycam is not an option.

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Show can’t run apps? I don’t know why I assumed it would.

Nope the closest it gets is “Alexa Skills”, can’t side load apps etc.

Oh, and lots of vids on youtube of people adding heatsinks to them, or in some cases just drilling holes. But mine for the most part has run 4 cams all day so far. And it only cost me $15 bucks back on Prime day. Next time I’ll buy more I think…

Ok, the whole reason I bought the echo show 5 and the Wyze cam on Black Friday was so I could monitor my special needs son’s bedroom 24/7. I knew I could do that on the Wyze app on my iPhone but that wasn’t really realistic as I needed to use my iPhone for other things, hence bought the echo show 5. I, like everyone else was disappointed that it only showed live feed for up to 10 minutes. I have an iPad mini that I rarely use anymore and I opened up the Wyze app on it and vóila…I technically have a small monitor for his room, live stream 24/7. Now, I still needed something for when I’m in other rooms (didn’t want to unplug the mini iPad and drag it around with me…I guess I’m lazy) so I bought the Amazon fire tablet 7 on cyber Monday, it works pretty much the same as the iPad (it glitches out from time to time but for $40 I’m alright with that)…it’s the “monitor” I use in my living room.
Now to the kitchen (where the echo show 5 is)…I also really needed a monitor in there, as of today and with the Wyze update the echo show 5 lasted over 45 minutes (but under an hour, I forgot and kept going in to check). It did buffer several times and it had exactly a 10 second delayed live feed.
So in conclusion, idk what has changed or why but I’m not giving up on my little echo show 5 that could…I think Wyze and/or Amazon is hearing us and working on it!
I mean, none of it really makes sense when you think about it…the Amazon fire stick and the Amazon echo show times out with a live feed yet the Amazon fire tablet 7 doesn’t…:woman_shrugging:
One last thing that nobody probably cares about but I loathe tinycam pro…that thing no matter what I install it on ALWAYS has problems…glitching, saying I have no internet, can’t connect blah blah blah. $5 lesson learned.
That’s my opinion, I hope it was helpful. :v:

Happy anniversary :grin:

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Thanks! My first!

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You cant download apps to any of the show devices so no way for her to get tinycam unless she buys a fire hd tablet or android and installs it. No TCP app for IOs at this time

Jaboj73, do you mean the Echo Show video screens? I haven’t tried, but I have tinycam on my Fire TV’s.

BTW, Wyze seems to run for 25+ minutes now. What happened?

Chiming in to say that I’d also love to see the 10 minute timeout limit lifted for Alexa streams. It’s disappointing to see no progress since this feature request was created in 2018.

I don’t know if it’s official or a bug, but for the last two months my Alexa Show has not timed out. The longest I left a Wyze Cam on it was about 4 hours. I tried to leave one overnight but the DND setting stopped it.

Edit: My Ring Doorbell is not timing out either.

Interesting! What kind of Echo Show do you have? Did you change any settings to lift the timeout restriction? I’m using an Echo Show 5.

I have an Echo Show 2nd Generation and an Echo Show 5. Neither appears to be bound by the 5 or 10 minute limitation. To my knowledge I have not changed anything that would affect it in the settings.

Very strange. I’ve run the stream many times over the past few days and it cuts out at the 10 minute mark every time. Any official statement from Wyze?

Nope, a bunch of us noticed that the limit seems to come and go. Our best guess is it’s something Amazon is doing or testing on their end. But we don’t think it is a feature so much as a fluke. Also seems to only affect some accounts, as even when several of us were reporting much longer streaming abilities others were still hitting the 10 minute limit.

I think it was in another thread, wyze said they were the limiting factor of the timeout due to costs. I’m assuming cause the video has to go to the cloud first?