Extend duration of livestream via Alexa to more than 10 minutes

So far so good. Over 1 hour in and it works great!

Developer mode… “Stay awake”


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I stream 24/7 Via an Old Android Galaxy Tablet attached to the wall with a USB power cord plugged in at all times. The stream never goes down, the only time there is a limit to the viewing time is when I ask Alexa to show me the front door on aan echo Show,Fire TV…etc it then goes back to the home screen after 10 minutes. So I am thinking that it is a limit of the Alexa API and not Wyze themselves.

its funny that if “they are” limiting the streaming why this is not the case with all NON Alexa devices, I am able to and do stream 24/7 to an android tablet that is plugged in. without the stream stopping after an period of time.

My fire TV cuts off after 10 minutes but I have a fire tablet With the wyze app on it, And it never shuts off Viewing a Cam or Multiple cams with the wyze app


side load?

Downloaded files and put the Play Store on the fire Tablet, installed wyze app

EDIT found it
instructions that I used and it was pretty easy


Agreed that a longer timeout would be nice. I don’t think 24 hours is necessary for me, but 60-90 min would be nice.

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I bought Amazon Echo Show thinking it will be used as a baby monitor with Wyze cams but I was not aware of this timeout issue. Wyze should not add it as a feature if its not allowed to use for more than 10 mins viewing. Wyze team please look into it.


The timeout is controlled by Amazon there is nothing WYZE can do about it


Currently, my wyze cams only stream for 10 minutes when I tell Alexa to show me one. For this reason, I had to replace my wyze with an amazon cloud cam ($200) so that I could watch my baby overnight on the new Echo Show 5 bedside device. Is it possible to program this time out be opted out of or altered in some way. After extensive research, I found that the amazon cloud cam was the only camera that could stream non stop without timing out. Thanks! I love my cameras and plan to invest a lot more money in these amazing wyze products!

They obviously lock everyone else into the 10 minutes to promote sales of their cams

That isn’t what an Amazon rep told me. They said it was in the Wyze programming. But I don’t know any better, I was just making a suggestion.

You could have just used a back up Android phone or not a cheap tablet to stream wyzecam for baby monitoring purposes. Just remember to plug it in overnight. I’ve only had the wyzecam freeze up a few times in the past.

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Does anybody know the minimum os required to run the Wyze app? I have two 7in Google tabs i don’t use anymore. They are the original tablets Google sold, from like 2012. They’re just collecting dust.

The minimum os versions are:

The Wyze App requires Android 5.0+ and iOS 8.0+.

It will run but it may not run well depending on the processor speed and available memory etc.


I have an old Google Nexus 7 tablet with android 6 on it , runs wyze app good

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Thanks. I actually have two. They’re both running 5 point something. I stopped using them partially because they got too slow to use, but maybe i can use them strictly as monitors!

Lee Bosset

I stopped using mine because I got a bigger Samsung tab , I got tired of that size screen so I bought a 13 inch , 3 in 1 laptop.
You should do a factory reset on the tablets it will probably speed them up some

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i called Amazon they said the time out is contelled by Wyze. Wyze confirmed that they dont allow continuous streamong on anything other than their aown app.


Good to know, Thank you

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