Export Video



I haven’t had to save any video yet, but was curious. It seems like the options are to either save the 12 second notification clip or record something when viewing the camera. Am I correct that I’d either need to see the event live and tap record to stop and record again to end OR do the same thing when viewing archives from the SD card? Seems I’d have to watch the entire event in realtime and start/stop recording the same way?

I’d like to see a way to say “save video from 1:23pm to 1:39pm”, similar to the time settings for the timelapse.

I assume most things happen in relatively short periods of time, but longer clips might be needed sometimes. Is the alternative to pull the SD card and access the files directly and then merge them up with video editing software?


Not at this time, but I like your suggestion. It would be nice to be able to download SD card video without the need to record it in real time or remove the card.