Expand notification functionality in Wyze Watch 47

Please add ability to also clear individual notifications (I read that this functionality already exists in the Wyze Watch 44 - so should be easy enough). Would also like to see ability for clearing the notifications from the watch to also clear them from the phone. I.E. I have an app on my phone that repeatedly reminds me of missed phone calls and txt messages until I acknowledge them and would like to be able to that via the Wyze watch.

[Mod Edit]: Title Modified to Enhance Search Clarity.

Is this wishlist item to add the mentioned feature to the watch 47? Can that info be added to the wishlist title for clarification?


I have the wyze watch 47 so that’s the one I’m asking for but It’s not specific to the wyze watch 47. My expectation would be the functionality would be exactly the same between the two watch sizes, so the wish list requests would apply to both as well.

I understand your expectation @NCDC91 but the two watches are not identical in functionality in all areas. Your request is very reasonable and I will modify the title as per @Omgitstony’s suggestion to make it clearer.

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