Exit delay alarm duration time option

Having the option to change how long you have to leave the house before you might trigger your alarm is great…but the beeping the system does to warm you it is about to arm is god awful. Having the ability to turn that off (or the volume significantly down) would be amazing.

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I just received my HMS and I agree that some form of “Quite Arm” for HOME mode is necessary. I personally think some sort of “arming info” (beeps or ??) is normally needed to prevent false alarms but it might be nice to select the option to beep once and then beep once again when you have 5 seconds left.
Another suggestion of implementation that I would really prefer is how my current Honeywell system implements it: There is an additional option shown (on the display screen of that keypad) that says “Arm Quietly”. Since the HMS does not have a display, it could be implemented by a “Long Hold” (1-2 seconds?) of the Checkmark after entering your passcode. Or, just put that option as another button on the Phone App (or, long hold the “Home” arm button).
That all said, the biggest issue I have is the lack of a “Quick Exit” function I have now on the Honeywell system. I leave to go to work at 5am and I don’t want to wake the family when I leave. The Quick Exit option gives me 30 secs to open a door and leave - all without any announcement and then returns the system to Armed Home. (note this should only be available in HOME mode). Another use case for this is again, late at night, I want to go get something quickly out of the garage - I simply hit “Quick Exit” and I can go out and come back in 30 seconds.

Yes, my old alarm system had a silent mode for when you arm it at night and don’t want to bother everyone with the beeping.