Existing Doorbell Chime Box

Newbie here needing expert advice. When installing the Wyze Doorbell, what is the purpose of disconnecting the wires inside my existing chime box and twisting them together? Is it a deal-breaker to leave my existing chime box alone? Will that cause catastrophic damage or major malfunction? My existing chime box is not easy to get to, and I’m considering not touching it if possible. Thank you all in advance for the expertise!

The change in the chime box is to bypass the existing chime and add a fuse. It’s so the doorbell gets full power from the transformer. The way the doorbell wiring needs to be is not involving your existing chime, unlike other doorbell cameras which some do use the existing chime.


Thank you for explaining. My amateur interpretation is the Wyze Doorbell will not be damaged if I do not bypass the existing chime. However, my wiring setup will be missing a fuse, and as long as I am ok with this risk, it’s ok to do it this way. Is that correct? Thank you!

the doorbell will not work without bypassing the chime. Bypassing the chime is not a option, it’s a must. The fuse is just to protect the doorbell in case of high voltage


The Wyze Doorbell does not use the existing chime, it has its own. Why would you not want to bypass it? It’s needed to close the loop.

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Thanks for continuing to entertain my newbie question. The reason I want to avoid modifying the existing chime box is because mine is very hard to reach. I assume the electrical loop is already closed because my door bell wires show 18VAC on my voltmeter. I am uncertain how the electricity flows if I leave my old chime box alone. Will something in my old chime box cause the electricity flow to be inconsistent? Will something in this setup damage the Wyze Doorbell? I was hoping the experts here with more electrical knowledge can help me figure it out. By the way, after measuring 18VAC, I connected the Wyze Doorbell to my old doorbell wires. And the video turns on. Everything works (connects to app, rings the new Wyze Chime, LED turns on, etc). After I confirmed that, I quickly took it off. Now I am just wondering if I should install it this way. Or if there’s a critical reason to modify my old chime box before reinstalling. Thank you guys again!

Circling back to conclude this saga, hoping to help out someone else…

I hooked up everything without touching my house’s original chime box, and everything works! But there’s a very low buzzing/rattling noise at the chime box. The noise comes and goes but it’s very quiet. If I wasn’t looking for it, I may have never noticed. I think (speculate) it’s because the constant electrical current going thru the chime is causing it to rattle. An old school door bell gives the chime a major current when pushed so it produces a loud sound, but the constant low current of the video doorbell doesn’t induce the chime, just this low level rattle. Again, just speculating…

So I finally bit the bullet and spent a ton of effort to open the chime box. Once opened, I connected the bypass wire as shown in the Wyze instructions (I have the 2-wire style). And everything now is hooked up as recommended, and works perfectly normal. The End,

…I hope

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A follow-up to your last post - when you say everything works, do you mean the old doorbell and chime are still working?

A mechanical doorbell almost never fails. We cannot say the same for Wyze or any electronic doorbell.
For example, I have an additional wireless chime on an upstairs floor - which just stopped working. The wired doorbell and chime are 23 years old, Never had an issue.

Hi Ravi, regarding my last post, when the Wyze door bell was installed without modifying the old chime box, the Wyze chime will ring but the old chime box will not ring. This is just my experience of my house’s chime box setup. I cannot say every chime box will work this way. Hope your door bell install goes well!

Hi Zhang
Thanks. I will update once I set this doorbell and camera up. I have two chimes for my doorbell so I can hear it anywhere in the house. The Wyze chime is going to be a hard one to get used.