Excessive PAN movement after motion detection

I can tell you the tracking was way better more than two updates ago. The main issue I’m experiencing is when the tracking is enabled, the speed at which it moves/adjusts is too fast. You can select the speed with manual tracking but not when for the auto tracking. I believe some control over the auto tracking speed would make a big difference. Also maybe a trigger delay so that movement has to be over a set period before the camera initiates a response (like 0-2000ms) Is there a way where we can adjust both modes of speed, I’d prefer independently? My camera is just wobbling back and forth on a subject and occasionally overshoots. It’s annoying and causes unnecessary mechanical wear/noise. The tracking areas do not re-align to the center or the tracked subject when the camera physically moves.


Mine wouldn’t follow motion when I had the way points set.

Same here. Trying to watch the feed or video when it is tracking motions makes me sick (not figuratively, I get motion sick from the “hunting” as others have called it.)

Same problem
So this thread started Jul 2018. Does anyone have a solution?
It is now May 2019, eleven months later.
Seems Wyze is not so responsive.

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Could someone with a Cam Pan please perform this really simple test for myself and others?

  1. Turn on Motion Tracking and Tagging

  2. Place your hand about 3 feet on front of the cam and hold it perfectly still.

Does your cam twitch by moving to the left then to the right? What others refer to as hunting? This is the most frustrating thing. I’ve bought my cam less than two months ago and can’t for the life of me figure out it does this. To avoid this, I’ve had to disable both tracking and tagging. If someone did walk into the frame, it would be impossible to see clearly what’s going on since it’s constantly trying to find something that isn’t even there.

If someone could please perform this test, I’d greatly appreciate it. This twitching and my sensors giving me false readings on the app renders these products useless. Also, I love the way that Wyze tech support completely ignores their community forum. They know full well about all the problems and never once bother to step up to the plate help address issues. If you’re thinking… Why don’t you just open a support ticket? Yeah right. It take them over a week to respond and when they do, they treat us like we’re idiots. They respond with troubleshooting links even though we’ve already told them we performed the troubleshooting. I hate canned BS replies and worse yet, like I’m a DJI customer (that’s a drone reference to the worst company on Earth next to Comcast).


Wyze thinks customers should solve their own problems or will eventually just accept their poor product. It is a classic example - you get what you pay for. The forum is useless and so is filing a ticket.

The motion tracking is useless. Write a bad review on Amazon so we can stop these people.

I read a number of reviews that praised Wyze cameras so I bought it. I suspect they paid for these reviews. It is called Marketing (if it increases sales then it is OK to lie). I was a Quality Manager at an international corporation and I would have lost my job if I allowed a product like this reach the market.

Give it up and just live with it or return it. Sorry I can’t help you.

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Thanks Jerry. Hopefully they’ll get back to me so I can get a refund. I’m really disapointed in this company. It seems like less and less companies in the World care anymore.

Hi, everyone.

The moderators and @CheckSixPilot let me know about this thread. I’m sorry to hear that you have all been experiencing this and I’ll talk to the dev side about this. As for why we weren’t in this thread, this is the Ask the Community section and is intended to be user-to-user support. That said, we are further behind on our support tickets than we aim to be and we apologize for that added complication. We are working on it but we understand that this problem has been impacting our customers. I’ll talk to the team about this as well.

I ordered my cameras direct from them, and to be honest the first experience with them was rocky. Everyone I worked with on it seemed to care and they did come through with everything as promised. I do believe that this company does care, you just have to
contact the right people vs. posting the issue in a forum on their website.

Has anyone found a solution to this problem? I just received a replacement campan and the new one is doing the same thing. If it detects motion, it rotates left right, right left when the object that caused the motion is holding perfectly still. It’s what others referred to as “Hunting”. Could someone please tell me if this is normal behavior for these campans? If so, I’ll just send them back for a refund. I’m trying to figure out if this issue is isolated to my two campans and others on this thread or not. Thanks

I have not found a solution.

I leave the pan feature turned off and use it as a simple camera. I do use it to manually pan. I do NOT use the auto feature since it just hunts and freezes on a bright window or dark wall.

Thanks Jerry. I appreciate your honest quick reply.

Been happening since day 1. The Pan function works fine, motion tagging works fine. Motion tracking is abysmal.

Is this something that can be fixed with a firmware update or do we need to send the cameras back? I have a cam pan set up and tried to turn the motor speed down, hoping it would help. It jumps all over the place trying to track the motion and often ends up missing the motion or losing it and stopping. Contemplating turning it off and using as a stationary cam, which defeats that purpose.

I could never get the cam pan motion following to work. I use it as a stationary camera.

The motor speed control only affects the manual panning. We’re still working on getting this issue improved and apologize for the trouble. I’ll share your feedback with the team.

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Has there been any progress on this issue? I just received and set up my camera’s yesterday. I feel like the motor is going to burn out with all the “hunting” it’s doing. If there is no solution for this issue now then I’m just going to have to return all of my equipment because this functionality was the main selling point for me and it frankly doesn’t give me much confidence in any of the rest of the products.

I’ll chime in as well: Same problem from day-1. I haven’t submitted a ‘ticket’ yet but I will now just in case there is a direct response from WYZE TS.

Just to add to the discussion and (hopefully) to get something done, I received my Pan Cam yesterday, upgraded to the latest firmware and immediately had problems with “over-panning”. It’s hugely annoying as the camera rotation motor isn’t exactly quiet so the camera keeps whirring all over the place when there is motion.

Welcome to the community, @jci0224. I would recommend checking out this topic. :slight_smile:

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