Events not recording with Cam Plus enabled

I thought my cameras were not working, but I found that they do not record with CamPlus enabled. I deactivated them from CamPlus and now they are recording 12 second videos with 5 min. cooldowns.

This is not what I paid for.

Anyone else going through this?

BTW: everything was working fine, updated firmware for my cams last week and everything was fine until today.

I had 2 cams recording with camplus, decided to deactivate the 2 , to see if that was the problem. now none are recording longer than 12 seconds.

I have had the same issue since Thursday. I disabled CamPlus. made sure it was off. Checked and sure enough, had an event for motion.

Then re-enabled and then events started working again. :man_shrugging:

Same issue here, disabling and re enabling can plus didn’t restore ability to record longer than 12 seconds.

My CamPlus does not seem to do much, if anything. I bought it mainly because I wanted longer than 12-second recording. It still clips at 12 seconds. I see a teal box around subjects. That may or may not be person detection. I cannot get WOC to trigger an event notification under ANY circumstances. Frustration levels are mounting!

I’ve had the same problem! Chat representative could not help & filled out a help log over a week ago with no response!