Events not being recognized or sent to cloud


One of my cameras did this with cloud event videos and what has cleared it up for the time being was to format the SD card in a Windows 7 box and add the camera back to the app (did NOT delete it first, so all settings were retained) while the camera was just feet from the wifi router. Worth a shot if it restores your camera’s functions.


I appreciate the thought, OverWatch, but I doubt this is what restored your functions. First of all, cloud recording doesn’t even require an SD card. Second, my cards are all working and recording events. So I’ve verified that my cards work and my cameras can detect and recording events. My cameras just don’t upload those events to the cloud.

I think it’s possible that my network is blocking outbound videos, but I don’t know how to test that and, if necessary, fix it. I set up one of my cameras on a friend’s network yesterday, and it seems to have recorded an event video. The video is stuck at “Loading…”, so I haven’t seen that there’s really a video clip, but I will try it again when I have the opportunity.


No problem. Hope you get it working.


Hey debbyandbreant, yeh, I had the exact same issue and used my sd recordings to view. When you pulled your sd card did you just turn the camera off or did you unplug the 110v. It was only when I disconnected power did I get events back.

Hope you get it resolved. Happy coon harvesting! :slight_smile:


I turned the camera off in the app, then pulled the power cord, then brought the camera to my computer, then removed the SD card. Events didn’t come back. I’m wondering if my router or my ISP might be causing the problem, but I’m kinda stuck, not knowing a lot about how to fix it if that’s the case. I think I’d need to know the IP of the Wyze cloud if I was going to open something in my router.


Turn your Wi-Fi off to test and see if you have the same problem on the cell network


When I turn my Wi-Fi off, I still don’t see 12-second event videos on the Events tab. That’s because the cameras are trying to send the videos to the cloud through my home network.

But that gives me an idea. Maybe I should try setting up one of the cameras to use my phone’s mobile hotspot, and then see if there are videos on my Wyze app’s Events tab. That would suggest that the problem is with my home network.

Thanks for the idea, HDRock!


Good point , And good idea about the hot spot .
I should try that also, it might help solve Problem I have with Notifications coming in late
I just have to figure out how to do it , I never used the mobile hotspot Before


Well , I can’t get the v2 to connect to the hotspot
It says can’t connect to the network And it Keeps timing out