Events not being recognized or sent to cloud


As of January 12th my events folder has been empty. I’m getting recordings to my SD card, so the cam is recognizing activity, just not logging it to events. I’ve booted both phone and camera, deleted and reloaded App, cleared cache, checked all my settings and changed sensitivity for audio and motion to 100% (detection zone off) with no luck. I’m using a Samsung S6 with the V2, all up to date. Any help would be appreciated, Thanks.


Notifications not working - Push notifications ON

This forum is primarily a user to user community. If you don’t get a helpful reply here, I suggest you contact Wyze Support for more help. You might want to go ahead and submit your ticket now as there is somewhat of a backlog. If you end up getting the issue resolved before support contacts you, then you can always let them know that it’s already resolved.



Thanks, i will

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Hi, macsnowy!

Sorry to hear about this trouble. Are you still having trouble with your Event videos not showing up? If so, are you up for us looking into this on the server side? We would need your username, MAC address, time zone, and the time of an event video you should have received.

This would be enough to get us started before I get into the office. :slight_smile:

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Messaged you Gwen.



You should have sent this information in a Private message



Thanks mixonepa, fixed

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Hi, I would check the settings first to see if the feature was accidentally turned off. If everything looks fine can you please send us firmware log for your ‘problematic’ camera? When you submit the log as you did before, please modify a few things:

  1. change the recipient to be
  2. at the device field (the third one), please pick the camera that is problematic.
  3. modify the subject and tell us it is from macsnowy

please repeat for the cameras that have issues. Let us know when you are done. Thanks!

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Hi Tao, I’m only running the one cam and all settings have been checked and toggled with camera restarts. I’m unsure what you’re asking for by “firmware log”. Ive already submitted a support request #163481 and if you’re asking me to resubmit I don’t see how to select a new recipient.



To submit log files, you have to submit the support ticket from within the app, and (1) leave the Send Log Files button checked, and (2) select a specific camera (see below). You can’t submit log files if you submit the ticket from the website.

If you already submitted log files via the app, then @WyzeTao will be able to retrieve them via the ticket number you posted. If not, then please generate a new request from within the app and reference the previous ticket #.

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Thanks Loki, ticket was submitted from my desktop. I’ll create a new one thru the app



Log file has been submitted. Tagged @WyzeTao in the report. Hope I got it right



@macsnowy, I found your original ticket but not your log file. So I’m not positive if it went through or not. If you used a different email address for this then I wouldn’t see it. Thank you for your help with this!

@mixonepa, thanks for your help with the message function. :slight_smile:

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You did it right and I saw the log file. We need some extra info. I will message you privately. Thanks!



Any updates on this issue? I have been having this issue for about a week now.

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Hello @wboling, have you tried getting incontact with Wyze support?

Here’s the link to the support page

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I haven’t been able to access my camera due to weather, work and location (mounted on the peek of my home) to perform what @WyzeTao requested. So I’m still not receiving any 12 second event recording to the cloud



I’m not getting those 12-second alert videos, either. My cameras also stopped doing continuous recording, so there’s no playback. This began on 1-11-19. I did a factory reset, but nothing changed. I wonder how many other people are having problems like these. I see that Amazon isn’t accepting reviews for Wyze cameras any more.



Update: Powered camera down and pulled sd card to get some info, replaced card , power up and events are now working for me.



Thanks for the update, macsnowy. I tried that with mine but didn’t get the same result. I am using my cameras a little differently now. I don’t get any push notifications, and my Events tab (motion and sound detection recordings sent to the cloud) is empty. Instead, I have set my cameras to record only events (instead of continuous) and now I use the “View Playback” button to see what’s been happening.

One of my favorite uses for push notifications on events was for live traps. Raccoons will sometimes hurt themselves or damage the trap if they’re left in it too long. I really liked knowing when an animal was trapped so I could free them right away. I love raccoons, but they have done a lot of damage to my attic and my garage.