Event Viewer - Swipe to Delete/Download


So, in a given day I get a number of events that I’m alerted about. when I look at the long list of events, I want to swipe left on some events to delete them, because that’s the natural touch action in many other applications - swipe left (with delete confirmation, of course.) I also thought that you could add a swipe-right function on the event to download it.

You might also add a long-press on one event to bring up a checkbox next to every event in the list, so that a user could quickly mark many events for download or deletion.


Regarding the last part of your wish, you can currently tap the three dot (…) icon on the event list, choose Delete Events which brings up a checkbox on each to delete them en-mass.

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Or you can “select all” at the bottom.


Thanks! Download would be good, too…


When looking at a long list of Events in the app, some of them I obviously don’t need to pursue and it would be nice to remove them from the list quickly… by simply swiping left.