Event Video Service Trouble (07/01/19) [RESOLVED]

I too was having a hit or miss issue with the person detection, so I disabled it and went back to the motion detection option.

Thank you for letting us know. We will keep working on improving the algorithm. If you’re open to it, you can send in those failed videos to us so we can use them for training it.


Well I can’t send a failed video if it’s not there. I even had my husband walk up the driveway and no alert. I went to my play back and it’s there. I just turned it person icon off. It seems like a hit or miss lately

Thank you for letting me know. Was this within 5 minutes of a motion detection video?

Having same issue.

I just noticed this thread after posting the following…

I’m getting notifications and it indicated in the video window there is a 12 sec recording but nothing plays back. All I see is the initial image. When I press play there’s a brief delay then the play button reappears. This is happening for all notification.

That may be something different. Have you contacted customer support? If not, please reach out to them through this link so we can help troubleshoot:

Submit a request – Wyze

Hello,im still having trouble opening occured events,can someone tell me a solution?

Are you talking about regular 12 sec event clips created by motion on a camera