Event recording too late

Chucky19 - many thanks for your input to this thread, I am still waiting for a response from Wyze on a solution and will update the thread when I hear from them.

It bugs me when firmware updates breaks things and causes other problems. It means that these devs are not providing thorough testing and we end up the guinea pigs. Ugh!!! Update should be to fix problems, not cause new ones.

I’m having this same issue on the newest firmware wyze cam V2. The camera is correctly detecting motion and I can see the person/motion in the clip. But when I go to view the event the timestamp is anywhere from 3 -15 seconds after the event and no motion is captured at all. Hopefully this is a known issue at this point…

Hunter_0980 - Many thanks for your input to this thread, the ticket I raised with technical support is still open and currently being reviewed by the engineers.
I have sent them examples of the cloud recordings that have missed the event so hopefully we will have an answer soon (this has been going on for several months now)
I will update this thread when I get a definitive answer from Wyze technical support.

I experience the same issue. The new version of , takes over 15 sec to send me the notification instead of 5 sec or less.