Event playback stuck at 5mb - never downloads

This is a major problem that I noticed only a few days ago. When I play back a recorded event, it gets stuck at around 5mb, then spins forever. This is new to me and makes the cameras mostly useless.

One trick I read was to swipe to the next event then swipe back. This sorta works but not consistent.

What is consistent is getting a notification that there’s an event, and I can see all of 1.5 seconds of it before it stops downloading and spins to eternity. This happens on both my iPhone 8 and iPhone 12.

These are v2, but I don’t see how it matters, since the problem is between the recording server and the iPhone.

Any fixes for this?


Same Issue here… With Wyze Cam Pan ver and Wyze Cam Outdoor ver
IOS WYZE app ver 2.18.23 on iPhone 12 ver 14.4.1

This is happening on my v2.

V3 and Pan seem to work with no problem.

Did you ever get it resolved?