Event playback sound off


Ever since the last app update, whenever I playback a recorded event the sound is always ON. I have to turn it off each time I play the events. It used to keep the previous setting.

I like having the sound off because I usually play events in a quiet setting. If I want to listen to the sound I’ll throw on my ear buds and turn the sound on.

Any ideas?


What app version are you on and on what device?

See if this is the same issue:

If so, it is a known bug and being worked on.


app v2.0.26 on Google Pixel 2 XL w/ Android 9
2 cameras both are Wyze Cam v2 with firmware version:


Any update on this? Its really annoying to have to quickly turn off the sound each time I playback an event. Specially when I’m in a quiet room full of people.