Eufy Cameras

Love to hear it. Had high hopes for Eufy and it sounds like they delivered. Will be ordering mine in due time to replace my “other” cameras.


I am also looking at the Reolink WiFi Cameras but they have not arrived yet. I don’t think they have HomeKit even on the radar but they use RTSP so I think I can use the ffmpeg plugin for Homebridge to bring them into the system. That’s how I bring 3 of my remaining Wyze V2’s in. I had another close to two year old V2 die yesterday.

After 2 years I can’t really complain. It will be interesting to see how the Eufy’s and Reolink fair?


My complaint with the Wyze pan and tilt camera is that it is both noisy and jerky when moving. Do you find the Eufy camera to be quiet and smooth when it is activated by movement or is it more like the Wyze camera in that regard?

The V2 is quite warm. I drilled vent holes all around the casing. hope it will last longer.

Been noticing the same thing on mine. Now keep the base partially extended to let air in the bottom vents. Where did you drill the holes?

top, both sides.

first Open base. take bottom off.
use low speed as the plastic is low melting temp. I use 1mm drill bit on a dremel tool. use depth stop if u have one. or mark with tape on drill bit.
I put a few holes extra holes bottom.
on both sides, there are ribbon cables. I use a thin metal strip between housing and cable to stop the drill bit damaging any cable.
you can disassemble whole unit. but I did not.

I drilled close to middl align to the processing board and sensor chip. ten holes on each side in two row s.

ten holes on top.

clean out plastic burrs inside housing so not cut into cable.

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Mine is very smooth and quiet when moving. I will turn motion tracking on and see how that compares.

THANKS!! :pray: That’s exactly the kind of detail I was interested in. :grinning:

I’ve been getting worried about some of my V2s sitting in sunny windows - especially since I blacked out the fronts with a big sharpie to reduce the glass reflection. Prolly not the brightest thing to do, but it really helps the picture.

Anyhow that’s a lotta holes! :wink: I know it’s got to make a difference. Have you seen a reliability increase (if you were having any issues before) ?

Especially if they have a bridge. Since I got rid of the bridges I have not noticed any of the cams getting very warm. But none of the remaining cams are exposed to direct sunlight either.

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Reliability takes time to prove.
so far, from reading forum MTTF is around 18 months depending on environment, continuos recording, rstp, bridge etc.

if the extra air flow drops 5C on chips temp without heat sink would extending reliability life at least to 2.5yr. and I will be happy.

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It always seems that every camera I want to look out a window ends up in the direct summer sun, and every solar device I want to put outside ends up facing north like the moss on a tree… :rage:

Yeah, I have a bridge that I’ve never hooked up - figure I will definitely use a very short USB extension cable to get it away from the cam whenever I get motivated to try it out…


how warm are the Eufy? when they running continuos recording?

So far not warm at all. They feel like they are at ambient temperature. The one outside warms up in the morning when it’s in the direct sun for an hour. The one inside not at all.

you can buy otg cable with 2 that you can power the bridge from separate power supply yet it can communicate to v2. less stress to Vw pwr

Below is a motion (person detection) video and shortly after the video starts you will see the camera pans and tilts slightly to track motion (person). I was sitting 10 feet from it and could not hear it.


I have 2 Argus 2 (with Solar kit) and one Argus PT and I’ve never had a more bitter sweet relationship with a device, lol. YMMV, I wish you the best of luck.

TL; DR -

They’re notoriously unreliable.

My story -

They’re nice because the video is clear and looks nice, especially at night. The outside of my home is semi lit so the camera stays in color mode and uses all of the little lighting to boost the color night vision .You can adjust the bit rate, which is great. Pulling them up through Alexa is fine and in general, the controls are nice. It does get some good software boosts. In the time I’ve owned them, Reolink added Alexa, and I think Google integration (I haven’t checked Google), connectivity to the cloud (free for 1 cam), a privacy mask and the ability to turn push notifications off.

The issues I have are mainly because good grief can they be unreliable! I had them mounted on the outside of my home, at about 8 feet, just out of reach so someone can’t reach and just take it down. The expectation was 10-15 feet, enough to capture anyone getting into my driveway, coming towards my porch or through the front yard. The camera(s) went from detecting reliably and catching whatever you need it to to catching maybe 1 or 2 events for the entire day when nothing has changed (variables, that is). At 8am today, it could detect my wife walking to her car, getting into it and leaving and at 8am tomorrow she could do the same thing, at the same speed and it would miss all of it. Worse than that, it could miss someone coming into the driveway 10m after she’s gone. So, I said, maybe my expectations were a little high and moved the camera into my garage and powered it with an adapter. Same thing. It would sometimes catch me getting into the vehicle and leaving and at other times miss everything. This time it was mounted at about 7 feet. I just could not use it as a security camera.

They were replacements for my Blink XTs because I wanted a “not have to get on a ladder to change batteries every 18 months or so” solution and on that they failed big time. I did give them a big chance too. I’ve had to put the Blink XTs back and purchased some 3rd party solar panels for em’. I can’t max them out at 2048 kbps for some reason, even though I have a mid end router (Archer 5400) and 1 gig internet. I don’t really understand why they’d put the setting there if it can’t be achieved but, meh. I have tested the camera sitting 10 feet from the router and it’s still laggy. At the default settings, it’s fine.

I now use them mostly for my back yard, which is fenced. There’s a Blink XT back there too, just in case the Reolinks miss something serious. I use one of the Argus 2s inside my home a wireless camera. If I knew then what I knew now, I would not have purchased them. I’d have gone with something more tried and true like Netgear.

I would not buy the battery powered Reolink Argus cameras. I am looking at their wired (for power) WiFi cameras. Any battery powered camera is a non starter for me for the exact reasons you mentioned.

No homekit out of the box and not until July it seems.

I’m impressed with my indoor and the indoor Pan/Tilt otherwise. The wider view really helps the image, in my situation where I need to capture my entire living room without panning. The clarity of the video is awesome as well. The built in person/pet detection does work (although it has once identified a load of dirty dishes as a person) and the camera audio is pretty good. The Pan Tilt is wicked quiet, especially. vs. the Wyze. I’ve ended up replacing the Wyze Pan in my living room with it (sorry Wyze, I enjoy and buy your products, but credit where it is due, right?). I wish there was an ability to identify the person, I thought this was a feature but misread it and it is not. All it does is pop up a little circle with what it detects as a person.

I def. won’t be replacing any of my other Wyze cameras though, at least not until I see how Homekit integration works and what trade-offs there may be.

I am also waiting on any further purchases until I see the promised HomeKit integration materialize. I got bit by Ring on promises not kept so while I am hopeful I won’t really believe it until it ships.

very nice pic quality.
are theu h265 or h264?
what frame rate?

Wyze only give me 15fps when record playing.
not sure frame rate if get out of the sd card.
one thing is Wyze does not allow copying file from the camera is quite unusual.