Ethernet connection to V3 cam?

Don’t think so? If that were true how would it work with the spotlight? The smart socket? The promised Ethernet adapter?

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The only physical connection it has, that I know of, is the power cord. Then it connects to the phone app via wifi.

So, if I did set up a wifi booster/router out in the chicken coop, what would the ethernet cable be connected to in the house? Thanks.

An Ethernet port on your main router (ideally).

And that V3 power cord IS USB as far as I understand.

Ohhh right, it is. It plugs into the little power adapter thingy.

Thanks. I’m going to see if my son-in-law can help me with the router idea.

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Definitely USB, probably no data lines and not implemented as such on the V3 for use as USB device.

Again, gotta be data or it wouldn’t work with the smart accessories - spotlight, socket, and the new floodlight too.

We went through the same doubt with the V2s - it has data too.

Agree with that, but the cable probably is missing the data lines. Wyze provides specific cables, at least for the new floodlight and says not to use the cables that come with the cameras.

Sorry I don’t understand that? The V3 has a hardwired connector.

yes and no…short adapter hardwired to the camera and a longer “power cord” to the power adapter (USB A one end, USB C on the other.) The longer cable is power only, I believe.

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Sounds like wyze is going to have to epically fail and make a huge mistake before we will ever be offered a working usb to Ethernet adapter.

They know its a requested feature and V2 and V3 should have the capability.

I imagine if we ever get it it’s going to be in one of 2 scenarios.

A FEATURE in the V4 or as I said prior they will epically mess something up and release it alongside the patch or during the wait for the patch as a new improvement.

Well, I got a new wifi router and that did the trick. I’m able to connect with that all the way to the chicken coop, but not IN the coop. As soon as I got inside it stopped. I guess because of all the chicken wire and added hardware cloth. So I’m just leaving the baby monitor on the inside and put the wyze cam on the outside and all seems to be going well so far.