ETA on Outdoor Adapter for Wyze Cam V3

Is there an ETA on the outdoor adapter for the Wyze Cam V3?

One of my outdoor cams died and I want to replace it with a V3. But the plug it out in the weather so I’m waiting for the outdoor adapter.

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I don’t have an answer to your question. My guess it will released about the same time as the V3 spotlight.

How was the other camera powered? Was it another brand that used a different power supply? What type of outlet box is in place now? A picture or 2 would be help. Assuming you would like ideas and suggestions.

If not, well, never mind. :wink:

Do you get the shipping update emails? If not they have been added as a forum post each time they are sent. Here is a snippet from the latest one, about the outdoor plug.

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Are you talking about the outdoor V3 adapter or smart plug that @Omgitstony mentioned about?
No date has been announced for the outdoor power adapter yet.

Nice catch! Could be that too.


Sorry, my outdoor cam was a WCO. I mounted the magnetic base to the side of my house and had it pointed at my fence. I forgot to close the back rubber part before putting it back up outside after charging it and I think water got inside and broke it (or at least the seal wasn’t closed all the way when I pulled it down). :frowning: I didn’t bother asking customer support since it was probably my fault.

But I have a V3 that I’m not using at the moment so I would like to use it, but the outlet is on the side of the house and susceptible to rain.

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I’m talking about the outdoor V3 adapter that hasn’t started pre orders for yet.

Sorry to hear about the WCO. I have 6 outside mounted all around my yard, I love the flexibility they offer.

Anyway, even with the V3 outdoor power adapter, I think you will still need to protect the plug from the elements. It you don’t already have an outlet box installed, I suggest something like this:

If you already have that type of cover and you don’t want to wait, you could get something like this:

I used one of these to power my V3 cameras. I like how the cord comes out the bottom. That saves space.

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Why not use an outlet cover like this? It’s deep enough to accommodate the wall wart.


I ordered and finally received 3 V3s and was shocked that an outdoor camera didn’t come with an outdoor plug!

See that they are now offering an outdoor plug coming soon for pre order so still waiting. the cameras have been sitting in their boxes for a few weeks now and since the plug will be available for “preorder” soon, sounds like they’ll be sitting there for quite some time.

In my opinion an outdoor camera should have come with an outdoor plug or atleast have one available for purchase at the same time as the camera…


ANY info about an ETA for the Cam V3 power adapter???

V3 outdoor power adapter

Dead silence

Am I missing something? The outdoor power adapter is still going to plug into an exterior outlet, and that isn’t weatherproofed, unless it’s covered.

Why not just get an outlet cover that can fit in the regular V3 power adapter?

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You were shocked? :rofl::rofl::rofl: If you had read the product description you wouldn’t have been shocked.

So, Ipil60R34s, have you actually used the indoor power adapter outdoors with an outlet cover or are you just suggesting that?

Yes, of course, I’ve used such a cover, not only for a V3 power adaptor, but also for a Wyze switch competitor product which has the sunset/sunrise feature. The switch is used for yard lights.

The outlet cover is exposed to the elements, not even under the eaves. The wires enter underneath.

Here’s what I’m using:


Ipil60R34s, thanks for your prompt reply!