Error when ordering

Did you get a number from your support request?
Since you’ve already disputed the charges I’m not sure that it matters now snyway.

This is what I received from them when I tried to dispute:
Wyze\ 75x18

We wanted to give you an update on your KN95 mask order. We appreciate your patience during this time and understand that delayed orders can be frustrating. We have run into a supply chain complication that has led to your mask order being delayed. We’re sorry to say that we don’t know when we will be able to ship it to you. We’re working on getting you more precise shipping information and will let you know as soon as we have a more definitive update.

If you’d like to cancel your order, we understand. Please fill out this short request form, and we will have your order canceled within 48 hours.

We’re sorry that this has been your experience and apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused you. We hope that you and your loved ones are doing well during this time.


There is no order, but they are acting as if there are orders. It is very frustrating and NO ONE from Wyze will talk or do an actual email. It’s all computer generated that doesn’t even pertain to my problem.

I understand and agree with your frustration but since your credit card company is in the process of disputing the charges I don’t know if there is any point in talking to Wyze now.
I can flag @WyzeGwendolyn, she may be able to help determine what happened.
Did you try to order anything or is this actually fraud?

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I tried to order, so I understand that it is probably a glitch, but when you can’t get anywhere with a company, it then becomes very suspicious and more like fraud. I have been trying to deal with this since May 5th. I am tired of no response…very unprofessional and I will not deal with a company like this.

Did you submit a support ticket?
If not, do that within the app the post the ticket number here. At least with that @WyzeGwendolyn will have a way to trace your ‘order’.

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I am talking with them on the phone. Not getting anywhere because they can not find an order…not surprising since I didn’t place an order. I visited with someone at Wyze customer service and she couldn’t find any order, so she transferred me to someone else who couldn’t find any order, not surprising, so they are taking it to another department.

Very frustrating and lesson learned for me. Be Wise and stay away from WYZE.

Credit card disputes can take up to 30 days for the credit card company to investigate. Do a support ticket, post a message to @WyzeGwendolyn and keep calling. You can always stop a dispute with the credit card company if the merchant has satisfied your order or issue. I did a dispute when my order never shipped and when Wyze finally corrected the order and I received it I canceled my dispute with my credit card.

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Has anyone had any success getting ahold of anyone at Wyze support? My [Wyze Ticket 579432] is on day 5 of no response. I have $116.86 in charges on my Amex now that have cleared. No order numbers and no products. So frustrating from a company that I really like and have supported every chance I get. Really souring ever purchasing from them direct again.
Is everyone else in this situation just disputing the charges with their credit cards?
If someone in their store development team would just look at this thread this issue could easily be remedied. There are logs showing these errors that have been ignored.

So after a few days, my bank eventually issued the refund to my account.

This is the number i called (206) 339-9646.

Here is the number I used today. (844)999-3226. My bank actually gave me the number. I was able to talk to someone right away, but it’s still not resolved. She said she would call me back with an update and hopes it can be resolved within 24 hours. We shall see.

I will get someone from WYZE to check back into this thread and help those needed. I apologize for the trouble you have had with your ordering and suuport.

I have the web team looking into this. We still haven’t found the root cause. In the meantime, I’ll scoop up these support ticket numbers and send them over to the team.

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My support ticket number is 583641

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Please let us know when problem is fixed so I can finish ordering the items which are still in my cart after failing 7 times last week. I have a promo code which expires on 6-1-2020 and I don’t want to have to go through all that again, even though I did get my credits back.

We think we’ve isolated this to when there’s high traffic on the site but we are still giving some more time before we call it fully resolved. I think that you’d probably be fine if you placed your order now and I volunteer to help out if something goes funky. But I’ll understand if you would rather not take the risk. :slight_smile:

Just tried place an order and it ran through using Amazon Pay.

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Would you like for me to check on it for you or do you think you’re set? :slight_smile:

I was finally able to get my (2) charges reversed by Wyze Support Bev and just successfully made a purchase via Amazon Pay. Thanks for all the help getting this resolved.

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Really like Wyze but having a poor customer service nightmare with this multiple charges glitch. Early May I tried placing an order which resulted in error messages and six separate charges for $74.59 each. No one responded to my original tickets/emails and tried resolving this over the phone. A ticket was created (580953) and on 05/15 I received an email that all six faulty charges would be refunded promptly. Two weeks later and the charges have still not been refunded and no one at Wyze has responded to my credit card’s dispute claim - causing this to drag out unresolved.