Error: Refresh list failed



When I try to view a live feed, the icon that looks like the camera is in a round tank filling with water is right in the middle of the live feed for about 10 seconds then goes to a blank page that says “Refresh list failed”.

Any suggestions? Thank you.




What version of phone OS are you using, iOS or Android? I would try to force-quit the Wyze app and try again.


Hello and thank you for replying. I am using Android on a Galaxy S3. I tried quitting and re- starting but that didn’t help. Now the live feed still has that animation in the middle of it but doesn’t go to that error message.



Can the S3 run Android releases after KitKat?

The Wyze FAQ recommends Android 5.0 as the minimum version, which is Lollipop.



I am also getting refresh list error. I am running s-7 android 7.0. There are not any comments on this error on their web site.