error CODES & error messages



My connection continually fails and I receive a “connection failed (-20011)” as well as same error message, different codes. (90) & (-42). What do they mean and how do I fix these 3 errors so my camera will connect?


I too am receiving an error message of 92. Please advise.



-90 error code means the device is offline. It could be the device being physically offline or the device is not in ready state (e.g. device in flashing yellow/blue or flashing blue). In some rare cases it could be the app needing a restart.

-20011 error code means connection timeout. It could be because of temporary network issues. In my personal experience this error is more temporary.

-42 This one is vague from the streaming API. It says the connection setup failed.

That is all we got from the API. Here is what I would suggest when you have connection issue.

  • Try to restart your app and see if that succeeds
  • Check the LED light status of your camera. If it is flashing yellow/blue or flashing blue, a power cycle will be helpful
  • Contact Wyze Cam support via email or submitting an app feedback


Blue flashing light on my brand new V2 cam. I have 2 old cams and 5 of the new ones, and all work except the 5th new cam which just flashes the blue light.


I can get through setup successfully - but can’t connect (eventual time out) and blue light continues flashing.

Tried closing and re-opening app, power cycling the cam, and deleting/re-adding the app. No luck.


my connection is getting timed out. same error as above 20011. I have restarted the app and restarted the cam. the cam is new and was jst delivered yesterday and it stopped working today.


what is wrong it with it?



Can you collect firmware log for the flashing blue one? The instruction is at Please send the camera log to me at Thanks!


Please check the back LED light status. If it is flashing blue or flashing yellow/blue, please take a camera log as I suggested to auggie.fisher. Thanks!


I have also received error 90. We have restarted system many times and logged out of Wyze app and back on and still get the error 90 code.


It seems I’m not alone with getting a connection failed code 0 error message. it’s not the wifi…Hopefully this is not a glitch in the cameras as ours are new. Frustrating!!!


I’ve owned two of these for almost 6 months. They are completely unreliable. Sometimes they connect and sometimes they don’t. When they don’t, they require someone to unplug them and plug them back in. Then they’ll work from anywhere around 2 minutes to a day. Then, all over again. I believe once or twice I was able to get two or three days out of it before I had to reconnect them. I’m looking for an additional camera for my house now and the location will be in an area that isn’t easy to get to. Is it any wonder I didn’t start my look with Wyze Cam. No, it’s not the wireless either. No other device in my house has disconnected from the WAP like these do. They disconnect when they get out of range and reconnect when they get back in range. No issues. These however, never move. I’ve almost gone so far as to get an Alexa plug that I can restart remotely or once an hour.