Error (code09): Failed to fetch the video from the cloud

I get the error code 09 all the time and Wyze support has been worthless to fix it. They give me the same thing to do over and over again with no results.

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Incredibly frustrating system. I have eight cameras. At any one time there is always a camera offline that I have to recycle power to get back up. The doorbells and the cameras are all giving me 09 codes. What the hell is wrong with this system? I’m paying an annual subscription for eight cameras and it is useless if it doesn’t do what I’m paying for. Very close to abandoning this system and going over to nest.
Addressing this issue would be very very helpful before I have to go through all the BS of taking down these damn cameras and switching them all out with the more expensive system from Google

Sorry for the trouble. Could you try to restart the App and see if you can play those events videos correct after that? If that doesn’t work, we will launch our official 2.25 App soon, which has a upgrade to the video player.

Restarting the app did not work. Perhaps the upgrade will do

I now have the latest app, 2.25 which I presume has the new video player and I still have this issue. I just captured another log file and submitted it, #327957 if it is any help tracking down this pesky issue.

I have been using the workaround suggested earlier, download the file and then play it outside of the app on the phone.

Thanks for any update you can provide…

What helped with the “Failed to Fetch the Video From the Cloud” errors for me was to change the image quality to 480p (from HD) on the doorbell camera. Right below the gear symbol (settings) you can change image quality from HD to 480p. The image quality suffers, but at least it cuts down on those errors (well it did for me). I wish I had just waited for the new doorbell that is being released soon.

This doorbell is WORTHLESS error code 06 all the time I’m running the current app I’ve done everything Wyze has said to do it might work for an hour or so after doing that but back to same later. I’ve sent several logs to Wyze and I’ve never heard one thing back from them. Every single event I have today from 6am to now is error code 06. FIX IT!!!