Error (code09): Failed to fetch the video from the cloud

hi all,
Title line describes the issue, I have a support request open and uploaded logs, but I am very surprised I did not see an existing topic as I find it difficult to believe I am the only one with this issue.

First noticed this when trying to watch events from the DoorBell, however it turns out it is any Wyze camera on my system when fetching cloud video. I can watch live stream, and the same cameras and events play fine on my wifes phone. Both apps are the latest and each camera reports the firmware is up to date as well. I have a moto G power (2021) Wife has Moto G7. I am on Android 11, she is on Android 10.

The error is 100% of the time on my phone. Anyone else seeing this issue?

Hi! Welcome to the forum. Is the issue still there for all of your cameras? If so, could you send the log number to me? Thank you very much,

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Yes, all cameras, initially I thought it was only the doorbell as I typically review video playback on the other cameras from SD card, which plays back fine, however I subscribe to “cam +” for all cameras and discovered that events on other cameras also fail to playback when it attempts to retrieve the same video from the cloud.

log file 252068

Hi, just want to follow-up here. Is there issue still there? If so, could you verify if the error code is 09 or 06? It would be super helpful if you can send me a screenshot. Thank you so much.

Error (code 06): Failed to fetch the video from cloud.
Error (code 09): Video Player Error. Please try again later.

yes, it occurs 100% of the time. Attached are the same error accessed two different ways. The first is by going into “events” and selecting the event to view video. Note the error message. The first frame of video is shown but the event time shows 00:00 of 00:00.

The second method is by accessing the video by selecting the doorbell, then selecting the event in the doorbell timeline. Again the first frame of the video is displayed but in this case the “spinning wheel” just appears for a bit and the video never plays.

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Thank you so much for the update. Beside the doorbell, what other cameras having the same issue are?

Ok this is interesting, not sure if you changed anything on your end but when I posted this on the 19th all my cameras exhibited the issue, today all EXCEPT the doorbell camera play recorded events fine, now it is just the doorbell that has the issue as pictured above.

Thank you so much for the update. We are working on the investigation now.