Error code no fragment

@RVandick Welcome to the Wyze community! I’m just a user like yourself and I honestly don’t know when this issue will be resolved. I’m sure they will announce it.

Anyone else see an improvement? I haven’t seen the no fragment error in over a week after having it since June. In fact, except for my restart rules failing daily my cams have never run smoother.
/knock on wood

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Same here… haven’t seen the fragment error in about a week. Cams running great. :+1:

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Sadly still an issue for me. EVERY event errors out and no matter how many times I restart the video or the app it still can’t be played. Going to try uninstalling and reinstalling…will update.

Nope…both old and new events still have the same error. For those of you that aren’t having the problem anymore, did you do anything different? This is really frustrating.

For me it fixed by itself one or two days after I posted my issue here on Sept 12.

I still have the issue, but only if I have the CAM PLUS service turned on for the camera. And only for the recordings that were recorded with CAM PLUS. Really getting on my nerves as that’s a paid service that i have to turn off in order to get recordings that I can watch.

Same here. I haven’t seen the no fragment error this week. :+1:

On the other hand, my event videos play at 1.5x to 2x too fast. This problem has been going on for about a month. Cars zip by like shooting stars. Sent logs in twice but still waiting for this to be fixed.

They need to update that support article to include rebooting the camera, as that’s what seems to fix it for most people in the forums that I’ve seen. :unamused:

Update: enabling CamPlus and rebooting the camera, fixed it for me.

As "Continue to open and close the Event details page until the video displays. " is not helpful.


@Jertun Welcome to the forums! :slightly_smiling_face:

I agree. I will mention this to @WyzeGwendolyn and see if they will add this additional workaround to the support article. The open and close workaround did not work for me, but power cycling the camera did work.

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Thanks for that! Power cycling worked for me as well!