Error code no fragment

So I have been getting this for about a week and a half now. Has anybody else been experiencing this issue?

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Yes and it’s getting worse. Posted this 4 days ago but no response from @WyzeKyle. I’m going to open a service ticket.

I’ve been getting this same error since CMC was switched over to the new service. It only happens on my one camera that has this service.

I received a bunch on 2 of my busier cameras.

I’ll try lowering the sensitivity to see if that helps…

I’m getting it too- for about a week.

From what I’ve seen in previous posts, this seems to be CMC related and possibly due to a system slow down due to CMC events processing. But I guess anything is worth a try.

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Yes I am getting the same issue after updating firmware to CMC updates for my cams. I am getting “error; No fragment” message sometimes when I try to load an EVENT that was captured…such as a potential illegal entry into my business today that now I can’t get the footage to load for the police that came too late after the event was recorded to see who if anyone was there. When I try to view the Playback from my SD card it says “No Fragment. If this issue persists contact support” which I did and didnt hear back yet since the event occured this morning. I know I saw someone when I accessed the live camera feed after receiving a camera motion capture alert…but only saw their back and then they left out the store door and the other problem is that since I did the firmware updates after they launched CMC in my region and I updated it yesterday, this event this morning did not trigger my contact sensor nor motion sensor that I place on my business’ front door. Therefore, I didnt have proof that the door was opened caught on camera. By time the camera sensed motion, the door was already closed and the person must have walked past that one particular camera before it actually turned on. This created one big headache this morning with the landlord and police, and I can’t really provide any proof unless the wyze app decides to properly function so I can access the full cloud recordings. Also since the firmware update due to CMC, Ive restarted all of my devices, power cycled them and updated all firmware and the wyze app itself and the contact sensor and motion sensor went offline. I replaced both the contact sensor on my door and the motion sensor infront of my door with brand new ones that I successfully added to the network today and they were working for about an hour but after I left they went offline and so I still don’t have a way to know if my door is being opened illegally by an intruder or landlord without notice. What a mess today. I hope they fix this soon because I just started having problems with my landlord last week all caught on camera illegally entering for non-emergency without notice and I need the footage to provide to my lawyer to begin building a case should I need to pursue breaking my lease and they also damaged my property last time with fumigation all over valuable botanical raw materials and finished sellable product so I need reliable Wyze products and services otherwise I will have to get a new security system.

Regarding getting the information for the police did you try taking the memory card out and getting the video that way?