Error (code 09) - Video player error

Why not just SD record events only? Unless you have cam plus, using the cooldown-limited online events as an index to your SD continuous recording is a poor choice; you’re going to miss important SD-recorded segments.

And when the online events fail, you lose the index altogether as you’ve found out.

I can’t use SD card recording reliably because three of my four cameras keep forgetting that they have SD cards fitted and to remove the cards involves using a long ladder to get to them. They are good quality cards so I assume there is something wrong with the cameras. I have Cam Plus anyway and the 09 code hasn’t been seen for a couple of weeks ( I have no idea why) but the 06 code occurs in perhaps 5% of recordings.

Define “good quality”. Name the brand, model and speed rating. I have SD cards in outdoor-mounted cams for a long time without failing.

The one SD card that failed is a Wyze-sourced 32gb card in an indoor camera.

SanDisk - the same as I have been using in two wildlife cameras for over two years with no issues. Like I said, one of the four is still working. One day I will go up the ladders and remove the failed ones and reformat them and try again

I’m sure there are Wyze-sourced SD cards that don’t fail. And I had one that failed. Same with SanDisk.

Now I understand there is a line of SanDisk SD cards are more robust, and if you’re not using them, expect the same results as the other SanDisk complaints in the forum.

I use the “Endurance” line of Samsung SD cards.

I used them because they were faultless in the trail cameras so I assumed they would be the same in the Wyze Cams. Maybe, as you say, they were a bad batch.


I am distant from cameras so unplugging isn’t an option.

It usually means that the video of the event wasn’t uploaded to the Wyze servers, very likely due to connection problems. Or the server can’t fetch the video file; file is corrupted or the server is down.

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I think the 06 code is “failed to upload to the cloud” I get that error on one or two event videos every day. I have not had the 09 code for a while now - I am on Android and force stopping the Wyze app was a workaround I found by accident - but it seems that after a few weeks of force stopping it has “cured” the 09 error, only time will tell if it comes back!

I have been having this for about 2-3 weeks now. Used the “force stop” in application settings and it worked. Wyse Team: You need to FIX this problem.

I have had a few weeks of not having the 09 error code and not having to force stop the Wyze app.

I fitted a Mercusys mesh WiFi network and made sure that the units were placed near the Wyze Cams - maybe having a strong WiFi source within a couple of metres is what cured it.

I am still getting the occasional 06 error code though - but not as often.

I don’t think it’s a distance issue with me. My house is tiny so the cameras are pretty much equidistant from the router.

I’m a beginner at Wyze Cams so you may be correct.The Mercusys system comes with three repeaters - plug one of them with an Ethernet cable into the router and it pairs with the other two repeaters via WiFi. I then put the two paired repeaters within 2 metres of the cameras. The repeaters are indoors and the cameras are outside but the wall is made of wood so the signal can pass through easily. The mercusys keeps your original SSID so the Wyze Cams don’t need to be set up for it.

As I said, earlier - I’m a beginner with these cameras so I’m working by trial and error, but I seem to have got rid of the 09 error code … or it could just be coincidence.

I have now just got to sort the 06 error and the SD card problem - three cameras totally wrecked their SD cards and I couldn’t reformat them, even in a PC with several formatting programs, so I’ve just fitted some SanDisk High Endurance ones which are working fine but it’s only been a week since I fitted them so only time will tell.

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Here’s my variation, fwiw…

I have CamPlus so I normally just download the video from the cloud but I view the videos separately first on the “events” screen and delete any I do not want to keep. As I said in my last post, I am not getting the 09 code any more since upgrading my WiFi.

I have a “workaround” for the 06 code which is not very elegant but it works. If I get the 06 code I use the " playback" button to watch the video from the SD card and record from that if I wish to save the video. I maybe will cancel my CamPlus subscription as it is not very difficult to just use the 12s video clip and then save from the SD card. The only problem is that three of my four cameras damaged their SD Cards a while back so I replaced them with with “High Endurance” ones and I am waiting to see if they are going to survive.

Hey spencer, not sure if you’re talking to me but…

I just read your prior post, you have my sympathies, nothing destructive going on with mine, everything still functions, I just have to dismiss a nonsensical error message as I’m swiping through Events. I’m trying to think of it as a little wrist-and-finger dance and that mindset is working pretty well for the most part… :slight_smile:

Yes, I was telling to you.

As long as the new SD cards survive then I can manage with my “workarounds” - but I would rather the people at Wyze fixed the problems.

That should have said “talking” not “telling” but autocorrect decided it knew better than me about what I wanted to say!!!

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So say you… :wink:

My most favorite Freudian slip ever was a very old female friend saying (when she was twenty-one and headstrong)

Let me tell you what you think…

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My partner always tells me what I think!! She always has but I ignore her!

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