Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

Thanks! I didn’t know about plus feed migration to Amazon servers.

Still getting 06 code error.

I’ve reset and have taken off and added cam plus many times.

Still getting this error.


I’ve been having this error, 06 and 04 and 09…on BOTH V3 cams.
I’ve sent copies of logs, cam device info & I’ve finally stopped sending screen shots in response to the 2 ticket #s I have OUTSTANDING for at least 6-7 weeks. Today I received another 'update ’ saying they (Wyze) could not provide me with a resolution date. I have expressed my complete DISPLEASURE of their ‘customer service’. The cam v2 did have an app update recently, but apparently these error messages are NOT being addressed. The v3 cam was NOT ready to be released.

I get this error all the time. What I don’t understand is why the event has to come from the cloud servers when I have an SD card in the camera. I get the notice of the event, but won’t fetch from the cloud. It should simply fetch from the camera’s SD memory card. Why did I buy SD cards then?

With Amazon, you get what you pay for…LOL

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Sd cards don’t record. Believe it or not. Only record when internet is not connected.

Wyze’s lack of support is pathetic.
It’s 1 excuse after another.
After writing to ‘customer support’ for aprox 6-7 weeks, (I have 2 outstanding ticket #s, for each of my v3 cams, due to CONTINUOUS 04, 06 & 09 ERROR MESSAGES -so many events failing to be viewed), I recd this gem of a message from 'customer support" ; (*** asterisks added by me)

"Hopefully, we can get this resolved as soon as possible. For now, we would need to wait for our engineers to work on this. (***I’ve been ‘waiting’ from the minute I bought the 2 v3 cams, almost 2 months now!)

***Since we’re done,***I will now close this ticket. Should you have further questions/clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out."
I’ve just responded to say do NOT close the tickets since we are NOT done. So, they are 'hopeful ’ they’ll resolve this ??? & will they HOPE, they plan on closing the ticket out ???

As someone previously asked, does anyone know how to escalate lack of resolution/ customernon- support ? I’m about to file a comaint with the BBB next. These cams are defective & Wyze is IGNORING the error issues …now, they plan on closing my tickets bc ‘we are done’???
No, Wyze, we are NOT done & the Better Business Bereau needs to know.

Wyze’s solution is this :

"Hopefully, we can get this resolved as soon as possible. For now, we would need to wait for our engineers to work on this.

Since we’re done, I will now close this ticket. Should you have further questions/clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out."

I suggest contacting the BETTER BUSSINES BUREAU to file a complaint since closing my ticketS is NOT an acceptable solution as Wyze “hopefully” thinks they can resolve the reoccurring 04, 06, & 09 error messages. In my case, it’s going on 2 months. There must be THOUSANDS of complaints about this, not hundreds, & Wyze is now choosing to close my tickets, no tickets = not problem then. UNACCEPTABLE

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Outdoor cam works around 11am and no 06 error on my Outdoor cam but error 06 and no video around 2pm today. This doesn’t make sense and screen shot posted of front yard outdoor.

engineers are too busy making freaking car toys… they are missing out on me buying more cam Plus for my other cameras when I can’t get it to work for my doorbell… once that happens I’m more than happy to buy more cam Plus I guarantee they’ll offer cam Plus for the Wyze car yet it would be pointless considering it’s a moving car just like the device toy itself pointless doesn’t serve any real issue nor solve a problem like the doorbell does it actually has a useful purpose if it worked


EXACTLY what I thought when I saw the play w/ the cam car / giveaways.

CONSTANT 06, 09 & PEOPLE tagged as “motion”.
Below is part (most) of a reply I received from Wyze, which is UNACCEPTABLE :

"very thankful for your patience and understanding in all this. Hopefully, we can get this resolved as soon as possible. For now, we would need to wait for our engineers to work on this.

Since we’re done, I will now close this ticket. Should you have further questions/clarifications, please don’t hesitate to reach out. "

We are NOT done. Error messages & improper tagging occur on BOTH my v3 cams ( one I paid to have the cam plus subscription).
WYZE - WHEN are you going to FIX these issues? Your latest update on April 8th, 2021 did NOTHING to resolve any of this AND closing my TICKETS while still not resolving these issues which have been occurring for almost 2 months is NOT the solution.

well it looks like they have bigger issues:

lots of senior positions available humm… and if you look at Glassdoor you will see some of these positions as early as yesterday and most of them all within 30 days.

however your situation with the cam version 3 I have had success factory resetting them logging out of my account on the app logging back into the account and then adding the cameras don’t share them until after they work. so I have no issues with my cam v3, just doorbel, but until they hire a senior AWS or senior back-end programmer it’s going to be a while, and if throwing another log on the fire with the stupid wise car toy isn’t enough guarantee it’s going to slow down getting my watch 44

Their (wyze’s) issues become our issues if we’re experiencing incorrect tagging & constant upload error cam V3 (& cam v2) messages to ever be resolved.
I’ve done ALL resets, nothing works. This is on their end. Doing factory resets is a bandaid, which I’ve already done & they’ve done nothing to fix anything 1 week later, at best.

Customer service is abhorrent, as was their reply advising me that ‘hopefully’ issues will be addressed & being told my service tickets were going to be closed (while problems remain). Perhaps HIRING more qualified web engineers will get ‘glitches’ back on track towards the end of the year. I am completely disgusted by lack of customer service & if anyone else is too, contact the Better Business Bureau to file a complaint, and/or keep hoping (& waiting) for resolutions to all their products, as they’re busy playing games w/ their toy cam car.

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Me too. Lousy customer service.

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Have this issue intermittently on my Wyze Cam V2. So frustrating as no one fix is the same each time.

Friend has same issue with her Wyze Cam V2 and Cam Plus… cannot fix the issue AT ALL. Wyze doesn’t seem to be fixing the problem in their updates??? :rage:

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I just purchased Cam Plus with the 4 camera deal. All cameras worked just fine until I did this purchase. Now all I get is Error Code 06. Seems like there is no real fix for this issue. If I would of seen this forum I may have not purchased this Cam Plus. Funny as just after I purchased this deal I received an email offering a free month trail. Wish I would of received it before I purchased.

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I’m sorry to read this. I have these error messages continously ( on both v3 cams) & I’ve done everything : sent wyze everything & the 'glitches ’ go on. They are too busy making other products…believe I’m approaching 3 months now- that’s as long as I had the cams. Go ahead, send them logs, give them the cam specs they ask for & be prepared for nothing to happen except you might be asked to submit another ticket, a NEW ticket…I did not & last response was that they HOPE to resolve w/ next update. It’s abhorrent 'customer service ’ . I REFUSED to allow them to close the ticket, but who are we kidding? They’ll do want they want until the BBB continues to receive more complaints about this company & takes action action them. Until then, the ERRORS GO ON

They got too big for their britches. Not buying any other products from them as their customer service is non existent. Even their package tracking is a failure. I have 4 of their cameras and they stink. Notifications disappear as you attempt to view them. I bought their hand held vacuum and am sorry I did. My BLINK cameras work much better with longer battery life. And…I am tired of seeing “Updates from Jimmy” for new junk. They should stick to their core product and make 200% sure they work as expected.


Extremely disappointed in Wyze for selling a service - CamPlus that is flawed and renders the camera useless for viewing events that is the purpose of paying for CamPlus.

Wyze sb focusing on this issue instead of pursuing stupid products that they are cluttering our inboxes with.

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