Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

What’s the fix?

Unplug your base station. Delete your camera. Plug base back in. Let it pair with router. Then pair your camera.

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Ditto - deleting camera and repairing fixed my Outdoor Camera 06 fetch issues. Entire process took maybe two minutes. Here’s what I did:

Turned outdoor camera off in the app.
Deleted camera from the app.
Restarted camera using the camera’s ‘on’ button while within about 6 feet from base station.
Followed app’s instruction for adding new device.

I did not have to do anything with the base station … left it on the entire time.

Was getting the same error. I deleted the camera, brought it inside, set it back up and it has worked great. I did lose my PLUS on the camera and I’ve got a years subscription.

I’ve been getting the same error code upload failure 06 CONSTANTLY.

I sent Wyze log & v3 cam specs & 4 days later, it’s only getting worse. I was told today to send log & cam settings again- which I did.

VERY BAD, Tomorrow will be day 5 of this ( & I only had the cam for 6 days!).


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I’m closing in on day 20. I hope you’re the patient type…

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OMG ! Errors 09 & 06 NON STOP on both v3 cams that I have had for less than 2 weeks.

Tonight, 1 of the cams isn’t recording, yes, I did I reset, forced app too - I’ll have to factory reset tomorrow if issue persists. I have 2 other nanny cams for backup & they are catching everything these 2 ve cams aren’t- only missing the MOTION events! People aren’t being identified…don’t know if I should go through trouble of returning on Amazon and/or if lack of customer service & cameras w/ constant glitches is "normal ". REALLY REALLY BAD. customer service MIA


My Error Code 06 has been gone for about a week or two, which is great. I didn’t do anything to get rid of it (because I had tried everything prior to no avail). Therefore, this tells me WYZE had to fix something on their end to solve the Error Code 06.

However… ever since this fix I have had an entirely new problem I never had before. About half of my event videos, upon playback, will have the circular progress indicator going around and around and around and refuse to playback no matter how many times I try.

Sadly, I guess this will be another 2 months of waiting for a fix.

(Latest F/W and APP on same LAN and using iOS 14.4 on iPhone 12)

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Sounds like normal Wyze testing and QA. :roll_eyes: :unamused:

Same issue - I signed up for two camera’s service and going to cancel both. I will also stop telling all my mates how good these cameras are. I think through word of mouth I have kept Wyze sales right up there.

Error (code06) unacceptable - I see this thread started last year!

I have 6 Outdoor Cams but about 4 days ago one started getting the Error (code06)… It was after I signed up for Cam Plus… I have had Cam Plus on one of my other Outdoor Cameras for over 3 months with no issues… I have been swapping my v2 cameras for Outdoor units and this is not good… This error has been around for quite awhile and nobody has done anything about it… I have 4 more of these camera’s charging , waiting to be setup… that will be 10 of these, but if they are starting to get this, I don’t know if I want to swap out my v2s and Blink camera’s…

I was able to get the error to go away, by resetting the camera, removing it from Wyze and turning off CAM Plus… I re-enrolled it but have not yet turned CAM Plus back on… I will wait a day to see what happens…

I wish they would come clean and tell us the problem. I find this odd that I’ve been having this problem for a long while, and I deleted/reinstalled my CAMv2 and was offered a free trial, and during the whole trial, never had one issue, then when it expired, it started again just like before. I think they are putting the “premium” subscribers on a priority server, and the rest go on best effort, overloaded servers. Just my guess.

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It is March 26, 2021 and I have Error code 06 also. On most of the videos. Not all. No rhyme or reason to it. Four cameras involved. Some v2, some v1. Latest firmware on all. Yes, I have had instances where I needed the videos as evidence and have nothing. Not even a 12 second piece. Sad. I have a lot of Wyze things: scale, lightbulbs, bunch of cameras (half not even installed), sensors, plugs, band. Waiting on the watches (2 large, 2 small). Would love to switch to the security piece, but this is not going to cut it.


I have the v3 cam on Premium Services & I’ll tell you- it makes NO difference. Constant or intermittent 06 & 09 error messages AND PERSON tagging is MOVEMENT most of the time. I have 3 tickets in that are going on or have passed 3 weeks. When I send in addition error screenshots, I am asked the SAME questions about phone settings & am told to submit a log - I won’t keep doing this bc it will ONLY generate a new ticket. 3 tickets (actually 4) is enough. This is the poorest service, actually, it’s non service. V3 cam is full of glitches, & Premium plus service makes NO difference.


Are all the reviews a total scam? This product doesn’t work. It’s vaporware.

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I’m not certain. It appears to work for ‘some’. The cam v3 wasn’t ready to be released. Hardware is great, IT’S the SOFTWARE they can resolve. All they will do ( in my experience) is ask for more logs which in term generate new tickets. I only have 2 new cam v3s based on the “excellent” reviews. I wouldn’t buy anything else from them. I like the night color night vision, & I have backup cams to catch what I miss ( which I already had). I know - shouldn’t be a need for this, but there is.

Correction : its the SOFTWARE Wyze Can’t, can NOT resolve.
They will also tell you to make sure firmware is the most recent, etc. I ALREADY know this, have checked repeatedly…ive have stopped sending logs- dont need MORE new tickets.

I’m beginning to think AI ‘agents’ respond to issues. It’s all the same robotic response saying how sorry they are & then they again ask the SAME litany of questions. Definition of INSANITY

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I saw an explanation, Wyze is migrating Plus feeds to an Amazon server farm, you know the ones that boot conservative sites off their servers, It appears there are issues yet to be resolved. I hope they choose another company, I am NOT for Censorship! I’m certainly not for faulty operation of their Events viewing!


@WyzeGwendolyn / @HDRock is there anyway to get this escalated for resolution? For some of us, it’s been a month or more not being able to view non-live video. There must be hundreds of support cases opened on this that have gone unanswered.