Error code 06 when attempting to view event videos

Mine tablet just crash if i try to play (a) Event with any apps.

I have to stay in 9.10 app to get events.

My first and last WYZE product. I have a v3.
I bought an “reolink lumus” cam and much happier. Price is comparable.
The reolink cam also allows viewing on a PC and has much better performing “detection settings”.
The v3 settings are inaccurate. I can’t make it ignore a shrub in the cam’s view no matter what I do.
Then we have the “error code 06” and WYZE blaming my network. Effen clowns.


I’m currently seeing a price of $40.99 after a $9 coupon, so as long as that coupon is available, “comparable” might be the right term vs. the v3 ($32.98 on Amazon).

On the plus side, it includes an LED spotlight that is an optional accessory for the v3, and it has color night vision like the v3.

Personally, Reolink was something I had been keeping an eye on as an eventual replacement for my Zmodo NVR system (since they no longer seem interesting in selling new NVR-based systems or Ethernet-connected cameras).

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Thanks for sharing your experience with Reolink. Something I will consider.

I’m having this issue any new updates to fixing this??

On my iphone turned off icloud backup.
It did the trick for me.
Everthiing is working fine with the cameras now.

I recently received an email informing me that older versions of the Android OS will no longer be supported by the newest version of the Wyze app. Part of this must be in response to the constant flow of Error 06 and 09 problems. So instead of addressing the real problems, they’re brushing aside all the users who bought their products believing their stated claim that their operating systems met the minimum requirements. I guess I’ll just have to throw away and replace hundreds of dollars worth of electronic devices so that I can get my $40 doorbell to work correctly (sarcasm).

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Is there any update on this error? I’ve called in and opened a few tickets regarding the Error code 06 issue but I’ve not seen anything from the support team to show that it’s actively being addressed. Do we have a fix for this issue yet?

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Good question. I’ve been having the same issue ( along w/ many others) for several months - and I have been constant w/ Firmware updates. Wyze is aware of this issue & will ask you to keep opening tickets & then close them advising you problem has been resolved. Deplorable.

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I just backup a step and then reopen the event or CAM.

Upgrade to new OS and code 09 errors more common than ever. My workaround was to install a 32gb micro SD card into every device so I can review the event when the code 09 appears.
Have reported and still no resolution.

Eric, I re SINC and that usually takes care of the problem for me.

| EricKoehler
July 26 |

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I just backup a step and then reopen the event or CAM.

Here’s my variation, fwiw:

What do you mean by resync? How?
Would like to give it a try!

Go to camera settings, advanced settings, scroll to bottom and select sync time.

| cgoye
July 28 |

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What do you mean by resync? How?
Would like to give it a try!

I’m over 3 months with this error on one device. Any idea on how to get this corrected?

For the doorbell… 1). Move camplus to a different cam. 2). Restart your doorbell from the app. 3). Wait until you are receiving 12 second videos. 4). Move camplus back to the doorbell. 5). Wait 5 minutes 6). Restart your doorbell from the app again. THIS RESOLVES THE ISSUE WITH THE DOORBELL ON CAMPLUS.

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I just installed the Wyzecam Doorbell and for this device and this device only the videos are giving me this error. Its random and I dont know what video will have this happen to. I had two recordings at 5pm they work, then another around 11pm, that one didnt work. Its random its its irritating. Wyze, love the product and price point you are giving us but if you dont resolve these types of issues then whats the point of using these devices even in the small way of just monitoring whos at your door or home?

I am turning off the free trail of cam plus and rebooting the doorbell to see if that fixes it.

i am having a similar problem. Did you find a fix? The power shows and the doorbell functions but the doorbell is working intermittently.