Error code 04 when trying to view uploaded video clips

Original install of the base and 3 WYZE Outdoor cameras was all working fine. Updated to Cam Plus and now, I get alerts from an event but when I go to look at the recorded video on the cloud (Cam Plus prevents your base from recording to the installed card) I get an Error Code 04. Trying to use the app on a Samsung phone Edge 7. The weird part is, I also installed the app on BlueStacks on my PC. I can see a whole lot of uploaded videos using BS, no error code at all. But the phone gives an error code 04. It did not do this until I upgraded to Cam Plus. Trying to work with Customer Service but no answers yet.

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Same here, I suddenly stopped being able to view event recordings on my phone (Galaxy Note 10 Plus). I get the notifications and once I click on it, it takes me to the app, I can briefly see the list of events and then I get the error message you also see. Seems like it stopped working randomly for me.

Working now. What I did was uninstall the app, search in the phone (using my computer) and search for anything left from WYZE (I found a folder) and delete it. Reboot the phone and re install the app. Log back in. Seems to be working now.