error code 0



I just purchased the Wyze cam and absolutely loved it and simple set up. Huge problem… my live streaming does not work at ALL!! I have WiFi at work and my live feed won’t even connect to the camera and than throws a code error 0. I tried resetting it and nothing worked. But as soon as I am at home and hooked into our WiFi it works great. Did an experiment and turned off my WiFi in the same spot and lost signal and no video!! What can I do???


0 isn’t listed at although it sounds like your WiFi Router is restricting access. It may be two different problems if the work WiFi has their own restrictions.

I’d start here:

it uses NAT punching so usually you wouldn’t have to explicitly open these ports unless they are being restricted.

What kind of WiFi router do you have at home? That may help folks troubleshoot.


I am having the same issue from work as well. I try to connect to the live feed through the app but keep getting (error code 0). Any suggestions?