Erroneous prompt to upgrade to Cam Plus after viewing Event

After viewing a recorded Event clip, a prompt appears asking me to touch a small “12” icon to upgrade to Cam Plus, even though I already HAVE Cam Plus on this and 3 other cameras. Reference the three screenshots below. I just noticed this behavior today. iPadOS 15.4.1 Wyze app 2.30.1


Yep. Seeing that too.

Same. Issue seems to have started today but impacting all Events going back 2 weeks. Can confirm prior to today, Event recording was longer than 12 seconds.

It doesn’t appear cooldown is affected.

Have restarted cams, unassigned/reassigned cams in Cam Plus. All cam firmware up to date.

Suspect server issue.

Same thing here. I have five cameras that were working fine but recently have been only recording the 12s clips and saying I need to update to cam plus. I have all cameras subscribed. Any new info would be appreciated.

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In my case, the cams are actually recording >12 seconds, but the “12” icon and popup message that appears would have you believe that it’s only recorded 12. Check and see if that’s the case for you as well.

Same here. Longer recordings, but the 12 icon.

That has changed since yesterday. It was only playing 12 seconds along with the 12 sec icon. Now it appears to be playing the full length event but still has the 12 sec icon.

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Latest update: as of this morning, most of the Events are running between 22-24 seconds. I have a 2 min 8 sec that plays for 23 seconds.

Wyze, please deal with your server. This is not the service I paid for.