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Back in early January we bought a Wyze Cam v2 with the idea that it was a quick camera we could setup for the occasional short term security situations we sometimes run into.

The original plan was that we connect it to our existing open network. Since the camera was only being plugged in at most a few times a year and we didn’t have any privacy concerns this seemed like the best option, however the choice Wyze made to remove open network support meant we couldn’t do that.

Then our network guy thought it would be possible to setup a hidden WPA2 network for the Wyze camera but discovered our APs only support WPA2 Enterprise passwords so that won’t work.

I’d really like to either see WPA2 Enterprise support using a Radius server or open network support returned as an unrecommended option (with a security vulnerability warning obviously). Any help on anything I might be overlooking would be appreciated.

Hi @LC-Security,

There is a #wishlist topic already asking to restore open network access here: Allow Unsecure WiFi Networks

Since you are asking for Enterprise support, we’re keeping this separate.

In the mean time, you can probably address your specific situation by using a mini travel router as an intermediate device. See the following Support article for more info:

Thanks for the reply but I don’t think your first link is right, it takes me to my profile.

Yay! My Network guy just walked in and he found a hidden way to turn on PSK for WPA2 on our APs so that it doesn’t require Enterprise security for the new SSID he created for me. So we have it working now! That said having Enterprise WiFi supported would still be a nice feature to support.

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Thanks. It was a cut and paste error on my part. I’ve fixed the link.

WPA2-PSK traffic can be decrypted if someone captures the traffic over the air and knows the PSK (Pre-Shared Key). As an enterprise wireless engineer, I strongly support this request to add WPA2-Enterprise support.

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