Enter valid number, and Too many login attempts - Mobile app

I have 2FA setup. When login, it waited for my code to be entered, but it did not send a code Trying again, it now keeps saying: Please enter a valid number. WHAT NUMBER???

I tried several times, but nothing. Then I got: Too many login
attempts. Try later…

What is the wait time to login again?

This is apparently not documented anywhere. I searched for this…

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Wait a bit and read the post about the possible data breach. That will help. It has all the info in there.

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Their 2FA service is apparently overloaded with requests at the moment, because they logged everyone out globally as a security precaution. You can see more info at the thread referenced above. I’d just wait a while before trying again.

I can’t imagine the barrage of requests it is currently getting

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I just keep getting invalid Phone number

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Hello @cichate and welcome to the community

As a security precaution all the login tokens were reset, the 2FA service is just overloaded at the moment with people trying to log in. Give it a bit of time and it will clear up. Further info can be found below


Hi everyone, I’m closing this thread. Please see the below thread and continue the conversation there. Because everyone’s token was reset, the 2FA servers are being overloaded with people trying to log back in. It’s essentially now a DDOS by the user community.