Enable push notifications without recording

Is there a way to enable push notifications for noise or motion events without enabling event recording?

For my use, I’d like a push notification for noise or motion, but I don’t want to record the content.

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Hello @kyle.peschel, the only way to receive a notification is when an event video is sent to the cloud there isn’t any way around this but you can also vote for this to be implemented by creating a Road Map topic.

There actually already is a #roadmap topic for this. Vote for it below. After hopping over to the topic, but sure the click the VOTE button all the way at the top:

Not the same thing. He’s asking for just a notification that a Sound or Motion event occurred without any recording at all, Cloud or SD.

This can now be accomplished by use of a Wyze Sense motion sensor (for the motion part).

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How do I turn off push notifications on Each Wyze Sense motion and door/window sensors. It can be done with the cameras under Event Recording.

There is a Wyze Sense Guide section on the Support pages.

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